More Bandai Namco Events Changed Due To Coronavirus

Bandai Namco seems to be playing the coronavirus concerns by ear, instead of rapidly canceling multiple events, they're slowly assessing them. The company issued a new notice over the weekend for two events in April. One of them is being rescheduled while the other is pressing on without the company's involvement. It's interesting, and a little bit of a breather, to see a company taking it one step at a time instead of shutting down everything for several months. Because when the virus is eventually contained or runs its course, people will get back to their normal lives, and it looks like they want to be on the forefront for esports.

Credit: Bandai Namco

Effective immediately, the following events have been removed as official qualifying rounds for the TEKKEN World Tour 2020 (TWT2020):

TEKKEN World Tour 2020 (TWT2020)

  • Norcal Regionals (San Jose, CA – 4/10/20) This event's organizers currently intend to proceed with an event at the presently scheduled time and place, but not as a TWT qualifying round and without Bandai Namco Entertainment's involvement.
  • The Mixup (Lyon, FR – 4/18/20) – Planned to be rescheduled, date TBA.

We are actively monitoring and evaluating COVID-19 developments and will strive to provide updates on new officially-sanctioned tournament dates, finals qualification criteria, and points tallies as soon as possible. 

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