New Unit Classes Will Be Coming To "Stronghold: Warlords"

Firefly Studios announced last week that they will be soon adding new unit classes with the next update to Stronghold: Warlords. You can read more details below and check out the trailer for the additions as they revealed it will be for both Vietnam and China. The units in question will be the Imperial Bannermen, Auxiliary Archer, and Blowpipe Tribesmen units. Some cool additions, but they're all going to be tricky to use.

New Unit Classes Will Be Coming To "Stronghold: Warlords"
Credit: Firefly Studios

Today's video focuses on the Vietnamese Blowpipe and Spear Tribesmen, as well as the Auxiliary Axemen and Archer and the more costly Imperial Bannerman and Crossbowman. In the final game gunpowder-wielding fire lancers, disciplined samurai and more will join these six troops to represent the four cultures at play, with a few Stronghold classics also making the final cut of 16. Units from different cultures have been a feature of the series since the release of the original Stronghold: Crusader in 2002 and Firefly intend to build on this in Warlords. With abilities ranging from morale-boosting area of effect perks to arrow volleys and precision strikes, the intention is to make each part of your attacking siege army feel like a unique threat that could switch tactics at any time.

As players progress through the main single-player campaign, journeying across the Asian continent to different regions and historical epochs, new units will become available. Outside of units, Warlords will also feature experience a single-player campaign split across four regions, unique warlord characters from a period of 1500 years and siege weapons made possible only through the discovery of gunpowder.

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