Nintendo Is Keeping Jump Rope Challenge Free On The eShop

Nintendo revealed today that the company will not be taking down Jump Rope Challenge from the Nintendo Switch eShop today. As you may recall, back in June 2020 the company released the free game on the eShop after it was created as a way for people at Nintendo's Japan offices and studios to stay active while in quarantine during COVID-19. The game was so popular with the staff and pretty easy to adapt for the console, they threw it out there for the public to use. Honestly, it is probably one of the best free gifts Nintendo has given their customers in a time of need as not everyone can plunk down the cash for their major fitness titles or the accessories. But most everyone can find or has a jump rope. After seeing the popularity of the game, they announced on Twitter that they won't be removing it on September 30th as planned, and instead will be keeping it on the eShop as a free title.

How many jumps can you do? Courtesy of Nintendo.
How many jumps can you do? Courtesy of Nintendo.

While that's all good news for Jump Rope Challenge, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for Nintendo fans. Almost immediately after the news went up, social media started criticizing the company over some of their recent choices to do limited-time games. Especially when it comes to the availability of Super Mario 3D All-Stars and the upcoming Super Mario Bros. 35, where both games are currently expected to be on the market for a short period of time and then will be taken away. Many see the move as a money grab from the company by tricking people into the idea that the won't be able to get these games again for a long time. Jump Rope Challenge just showed fans they can extend a game to stick around for however long they feel like, even when it's free. So we'll see if their tune changes about both games in the months to come.

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