Nira Is Coming To PC & Nintendo Switch Mid-October

Graffiti Games and developer Baseline Games revealed that they will finally be bringing Nira to both PC and the Nintendo Switch next month. As we previously reported, the game has been a part of Steam already for over a year as the game was released back in 0220 into Early Access, receiving the occasional update. Those who have downloaded the game in advance have had a chance to see them slowly improve the procedurally generated island title with sandbox survival mechanics, forcing you to think on your feet to stay alive. Now you'll be able to experience the game in full next month as it will be released on both platforms on October 14th, 2021. You can read a little bit more and check out a trailer for the game below, along with a quote from the founder of the Baseline, as we wait for it to be released.

How far will you make it in a world that's constantly unpredictable? Courtesy of Graffiti Games.
How far will you make it in a world that's constantly unpredictable? Courtesy of Graffiti Games.

In Nira players explore procedurally generated islands filled with fast-paced building, crafting, fighting, farming and quests. Build a base, hunt, cook, battle ogres, make friends with a mysterious Totem, ride an alpaca, fly a plane and do whatever is needed to survive. While battling to remain alive, unravel the story of a mysterious Totem by befriending it and taking on the quests it gives. Offer items to gain experience and upgrade the Totem to unlock superior quests that grant even more experience.

"I've been listening to feedback from the community and working hard on improving the game since Nira first hit Early Access last year," said "Barry", founder and developer at Baseline Games "I'm happy to see all the efforts come together and finally launch the full version of Nira, especially on the Nintendo Switch. The minimalistic pixel-art and fast-paced gameplay works great with the portability of the Switch, which allows players to easily hop in and out of play sessions."

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