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Graffiti Games Reveals Castlevania-Inspired RPG Elderand
Graffiti Games revealed their latest title during the Guerilla Collective 2 event this weekend with their RPG game Elderand The game is essentially a love letter to Castlevania and all of the other Metroidvania-type games in the genre, as you will explore a story-driven action RPG game that forces you to use skill-based combat to[...]
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion Is Set To Be Released On April 22nd
Graffiti Games has a release date for one of the weirdest titles of 2021 so far as Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is coming soon Developed by Snoozy Kazoo, the title kind of gives away half the game as you play as an adorable little turnip who doesn't like paying taxes How fitting for the[...]
Graffiti Games Brings Survival Game Nira To Switch This Spring
Graffiti Games and Baseline Games revealed they will be bringing Nira over to the Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring The game has been out for almost a year over on Steam in Early Access where players have been able to test their skills in a procedurally generated island with sandbox survival mechanics All in some[...]
Blue Fire Is Headed To PC & Nintendo Switch On February 4th
Graffiti Games and Robi Studios revealed that Blue Fire will be getting released on both PC and the Nintendo Switch in early February The 3D action-adventure title has been teased for a bit, but we haven't had much info on it beyond the intial teaser until now The crux of the game will have you[...]
Bite The Bullet Gets A new Trailer As It Heads To The PS4 First
Graffiti Games and Mega Cat Studios dropped a new trailer this week for Bite The Bullet as the game will now be coming to PS4 as well The action RPG has been toted as the first "Run & Gun & Eat" game as what you end up devouring for sustenance determines the perks you get[...]
Indie Game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion On Steam In 2021
Prepare to commit tax evasion (in a video game, of course)! Indie developer Snoozy Kazooo has teamed up with Graffiti Games to bring Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion to the PC via Steam It will launch officially in 2021. The key art for criminally-cute indie game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, developed by Snoozy Kazooo and Graffiti[...]
Action-Adventure Indie Game Blue Fire Announced For Consoles
Indie game creators Graffiti Games and Robi Studios have collaborated on Blue Fire, a new action-adventure game The game has been announced for release on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, as well as PC (via Steam), with a tentative launch of the first quarter of 2021. Key art for action-adventure indie game Blue Fire, created by[...]
"Mable & The Wood" Set To Be Released On Steam on August 23rd
Graffiti Games and Triplevision Games have announced that their Metroidvania game Mable & The Wood has officially launched on Steam today As the PC version comes out today, we're also currently waiting to find out what the release dates are for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions Check out the trailer below along with[...]
"Mable & The Wood" Set To Be Released On Steam on August 23rd
Graffiti Games and Triplevision Games will be bringing their next game, Mable & The Wood, to Steam this coming week on August 23rd The game is a cool little action platformer with a unique pixel look that has you taking out monsters who are terrorizing the forest Along the way you get new powers from[...]
Driven Arts and Graffiti Games Announce WWII Shooter "Days Of War"
Announcing ahead of Gamescom 2019 and PAX West 2019, Driven Arts and Graffiti Games revealed a new gameplay trailer for Days Of War This is a WWII PvP first-person shooter where you can choose whichever side you wish to be on, which is already sitting in Early Access The company will be bringing a playable[...]
Mable & The Wood Receives a Console Reveal Trailer
Graffiti Games and Triplevision Games released a brand new trailer for their upcoming indie Metroidvania game Mable & The Wood We now know that the game will be released sometime this summer for PC, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch, as you'll be able to play a difficult and immersive platformer where you can skip[...]
Zipping Around to Graffiti Games' Double Cross at PAX West
The second game we got to mess with from Graffiti Games at PAX West as a new platformer they had called Double Cross The game will put you in the role of a special agent who uses a few abilities mixed with time mechanics to fight bad guys across multiple dimensions in an effort to[...]
Coordination Is Key Running Through Joggernauts at PAX West
The first of two games we got to try out with Graffiti Games at PAX West was a familiar little title called Joggernauts We've actually run into this game a couple of times here and there, and we believe the last time was at PAX East in a very brief introduction as we were running between[...]
The King's Bird Receives an Official Launch Date This Month
This morning, Serenity Forge and Graffiti Games have finally put an official release date on their upcoming game The King's Bird The game will be coming to Steam on August 23rd for $20, in a game described as a "momentum-driven, precision-platforming game that has players use aerial movements to seamlessly dash, glide and flow, with precision and[...]
Jumping to Survive in a World of Mazes with The King's Bird
If you're going to reinvent the jumping maze platformer in your own image, throwing in a new mechanic is a good way to get our attention, like Graffiti Games did at PAX East with one of the games they were showing off in The King's Bird We weren't given any kind of story or purpose[...]