Overwatch Season 2 End Date And Season 3 Start Date Announced


I've slowly been picking away at Overwatch competitve mode in Season 2. I really do think it is the comprehensive mode in the game and it's where I spend the bulk of my time.

It seems the second season's days are finally numbered though. Blizzard have announced that Overwatch Season 2 will end November 24, while Season 3 will begin on December 1. This is a much shorter gap between seasons compared to 1 and 2, which had a three week break.

As for changes, it turns out that your SR won't be entirely reset in the new season, instead it being used as a guideline in your new matches. Also, it is claimed too many people were in Gold and Platinum tier, with not enough in Bronze or Silver. Expect that to change.

I love the season idea, as it always feels there is a refresh coming. Seeing Blizzard active in trying new ideas is exciting for the mode and I hope it will make an even better experience along the way.