People Are Threatening CD Projekt Red Devs Over Cyberpunk 2077

In the wake of the latest delay to Cyberpunk 2077's release, social media has decided to rear an ugly side in the form of death threats. Yesterday the company revealed that the game would not be released until December 10th, pushing the game back three weeks from the last known release date of November 17th. As the gaming community does on social media, people got hot and angry they have to wait for the title to be released after it has already been pushed back twice. Frustration is understandable… What isn't it making threats against the developers.

Developers are reporting death threats on Twitter, courtesy of CD Projekt Red.
Developers are reporting death threats on Twitter, courtesy of CD Projekt Red.

Andrzej Zawadzki, who is the Senior Game Designer at CD Projekt Red, shared the tweet below this morning showing some of what he called the "mildest" messages he received within the past 24 hours of the announcement being made for Cyberpunk 2077. If "I know where you live bro" and "I will burn you alive" are among the mildest, we can only imagine what he and others on the staff have been receiving. While Zawadzki has published his personal messages (which he is apparently reporting), the talk on Twitter is that multiple members of the team have been receiving the same kind of threats.

We at Bleeding Cool do not condone this behavior in any way, shape, or form. Cyberpunk 2077, as cool as it looks, is just a video game. We're living in a world where, at the time we're writing this, we're in the middle of a global pandemic, the western United States is still going through several forest fires, we have one of the biggest elections ever about to happen in less than a week, and a myriad of other issues out in the world that has far greater importance over whether or not a video game gets released on time. It's not worth making a death threat over, which in this day and age can land you in prison if the threat is severe enough. Basically, don't threaten people online. And if you happen to be one of the people making threats, we hope you enjoy your future chat with the FBI and the delay they may put on you being able to play the game.

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