Ping Redux Will be Headed to Nintendo Switch In Multiple Regions

Nami Tentou revealed this week that they will be bringing Ping Redux over to the Nintendo Switch, the last console on their list. Up until now, the game had basically been released all across the place on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and more. In practically every region they could. But now we know the game will finally come to Nintendo's current console on January 14th, 2021. It will be released in North America, Europe, and Japan, with this being the all-in-one version with all of the content that's been added on the other versions since release. If you like a game with an old-school vibe that's kind of a challenge, then this is going to be right up your alley as there are 100+ levels to challenge you and your friends for hours upon hours. You can read more about the game below and check out the Nintendo Switch trailer to see how it will run on there.

The Nintendo Switch is the last consoles to receive the game, courtesy of Nami Tentou.
The Nintendo Switch is the last console to receive the game, courtesy of Nami Tentou.

Ping Redux is a challenging ping pong puzzle game, remade from its older sibling Ping 1.5+. It's not for the weak at heart. Bounce off the walls and obstacles and reach the succulent tasty orange. It boasts an excellent techno soundtrack that's so good, it'll stay in your brain for days. Ping Redux has 100+ levels including 12 bosses that are inspired by classic games to help keep the gameplay varied. With bombs, lava, moving hazards, and other sorts of blocks to get in your way, do you think you can beat it?

  • 100+ levels for you to enjoy
  • Hyper retro voxel visuals
  • Some sweet sweet music provided by Xonah
  • Boss stages provide unique gameplay challenges and are throwbacks to the 80s
  • Probably too hard for your uncle to beat even though it's inpsired by his era

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