Pokémon GO Kicks Off Water Festival 2022 Today

The Water Festival 2022 begins today in Pokémon GO. This Water-type event will bring forth a new Alolan species with Dewpider, a new Shiny Pokémon with Binacle, and a new Costumed Pokémon with Lapras wearing a… scarf? Let's get into the details.

Bow Lapras & Dewpider in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Bow Lapras & Dewpider in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Here are the full details for the Water Festival 2022 beginning today in Pokémon GO:

  • Date and time: Thursday, May 12th at 10 AM until Friday, May 20th at 8 PM. This makes this event quite a bit longer than the four or five-day offerings we're seeing a lot lately.
  • New Pokémon: The new Alolan species Dewpider will also arrive along with its evolution Araquanid which can be obtained by using 50 Dewpider Candy.
  • New Costumed Pokémon: Lapras "wearing a scarf" will be released after what seems like years since it was datamined. In any case, I think calling this a scarf is weird considering it's a bow, but all good!
  • Shiny release: Binacle.
  • Wild spawns: Dewpider, Binacle, Tympole, Wailmer, Carvanha, Surskit, Lotad, Marill, Magikarp, Staryu, Goldeen, Slowpoke, Tentacool. Poliwhirl, Mantine, and Alomomola will be rare spawns.
  • Raids:
    • Tier One: Qwilfish, Wailmer, Spritzee, Helioptile, Rockruff.
    • Tier Three: Bow Lapras, Alolan Raichu, Feraligatr, Azumarill, Ludicolo.
    • Tier Five: Tapu Fini.
    • Mega Raids: Mega Blastoise.
  • 7KM Event Eggs: Psyduck, Azurill, and Mantyke are the common hatches; Mudkip, Feebas, and Binacle are uncommon hatches; and Staryu and Clamperl are rare hatches. I recommend making sure your Egg space is full before opening Gifts, because this is perhaps the least eventful 7KM Egg rotation we've had in a long while. I remember people used to complain about the Fossils in Eggs. Boy, oh boy.
  • Special Research: The new A Poni Adventure Special Research focused on Tapu Fini went live in the game this past Tuesday.
  • Timed Research: This questline offers 50 Gyarados Mega Energy, 1000 XP, 1000 Stardust, and encounters with Bow Lapras and Dewpider. Outside of Raids and Field Research, this is the only way to encounter Bow Lapras. No wild spawns, unfortunately.
  • Field Research: You can encounter Bow Lapras through rare tasks, along with Blastoise Mega Energy, Gyarados Mega Energy, and other Pokémon encounters.
  • Global Challenge: Starting Global Challenge: Catch 600,000,000 Water-type Pokémon, trainers will be tasked with catching a total of Global Challenge: Catch 600,000,000 Water-type Pokémon across the game. If this does happen, double Catch Candy will be added as an event bonus throughout the remainder of the Water Festival 2022.
  • Event bonuses: You won't have to worry about the Global Challenge for these, which will come free with the event:
    • Double Egg Hatch Candy
    • Increased Candy XL from hatching Eggs
    • Two-hour Rainy Lure Modules
    • Water Festival "Scarf" in the Pokémon GO shop

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