Pokémon TCG Releases Wave Of May 2021 Products Today

The Pokémon TCG has a wave of new products set to hit shelves today, including a new box featuring one of the franchise's most popular Pokémon, two new decks, and another installment of their First Partner Pack series. Here's what collectors can expect.

Galarian Rapidash V box. Credit: Pokémon TCG.
Galarian Rapidash V box. Credit: Pokémon TCG.
  • Galarian Rapidash V Box: This is the biggest release of the week and will include a Galarian Rapidash V promo card, which you can see above. It's quite nice, and the packs included aren't bad either. Early openings of the box have revealed that it will include two packs of Sword & Shield: Battle Styles (the latest expansion), one pack of Sword & Shield: Darkness Ablaze which is well-known to have the coveted Charizard VMAX card, and one pack of Sun & Moon: Crimson Invasion which focuses on Alolan Legendaries and Gyrados. Crimson Invasion isn't that big of a sell, but hey — I love that these sets are still featuring older packs. If it was all Sword & Shield-era, it wouldn't be as dynamic of an opening.
  • Victini V Deck & Gardevoir V Deck: Like the Venusaur V and Blastoise V Decks that came out earlier this year, these decks will feature new Black Star Promos. Each will feature a ready-to-play deck as well. There is also a version of this product that combines these two as the V Battle Deck: Victini vs. Gardevoir. This version will also feature a foil trainer card, which will reprint a card from another set with a foil variation.
  • First Partner Pack – Kalos: The oversized cards released monthly continue, with a focus on Generation Six this time. These packs include the guaranteed Starter Pokémon as jumbo cards along with two packs. We can confirm that the packs include the Sun & Moon base set and Sword & Shield: Battle Styles. Again, not bad at all!

Later this month, the Pokémon TCG will continue with two new tins: the Empoleon V Strikers Tin and the Tyranitar V Strikers Tin. Both will feature a new Black Star Promo and five booster packs. We cannot yet confirm which packs are included in these tins. Also, an Inteleon VMAX League Deck will be released in late May, but the cards will be from the main Sword & Shield numbered set rather than the new Black Star Promos.

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