PUBG Launches An Official Lore Website Alongside Season Nine

PUBG Corp. officially launched a new website today focused on the new lore they're making for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. if you wish to explore the website, you can do so here, as the company is now trying to build a story around a game that never had one to begin with. We're not going to totally insult them for making an effort with fans, especially since some are actually digging the vibe they seem to be going for by viewing a lot of what's happening as a constant experiment. That said, it's weirdly fascinating to see a game that's over three years running now try to put depth into content that was pretty two-dimensional. Kill enemies and survive in a shrinking circle. Adding lore to that long after the fact is interesting to watch, to say the least.

What do the chips mean? And why does everyone have the same haircut? Courtesy of PUBG Corp.
What do the chips mean? And why does everyone have the same haircut? Courtesy of PUBG Corp.

Headlining the new Season 9 lore content is the "Mysteries Unknown – Paramo" video narrated by esteemed actor Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction). Mysteries Unknown explores the mysterious story of archeologist Dr. Burton Northrop and the uncharted city of Paramo located in the Andes Mountains. The unknown city is engulfed by fog and home to an artifact known as the Paramo Stone. Fans can find out more by reading the new lore pieces "The Journal of Dr. Northrop's Expedition" and "Deciphering of the Paramo Stone" available now on the lore website. Over the course of PUBG Season 9, a series of short stories will be unveiled on the website that focuses on Mad Malholtra, a member of the group known as the Sanhok Four who were previously revealed in Season 8. These short stories will focus on Mad's battle against a villainous new character, Jonathan Kamau.

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