PUBG: New State Will Officially Launch On November 11th

Krafton Inc. has finally announced that they will officially be releasing PUBG: New State next month on November 11th, 2021. Following several tests across 28 countries, they're finally ready to launch what essentially will probably end up being the replacement title to PUBG Mobile. You'll be fighting in one of the biggest mobile battle royale games yet as they set this new title in the year 2051 with a ton of new weapons, vehicles, and challenges on maps you've never seen before. We have notes from a special presentation that took place in South Korea early this morning pointing out some of the new additions to this game, along with a video presentation showing it off.

PUBG: New State Will Officially Launch On November 11th
Credit: Krafton Inc.

Setting the Standard for Battle Royale on Mobile: The game's Executive Producer, Minkyu Park, introduced what makes PUBG: New State competitive and unique. He noted that while PUBG: Battlegrounds mainstreamed the battle royale genre, PUBG: New State defines the standards of a battle royale for the next generation. The game uses state-of-the-art rendering technology and a gunplay system on par with what's found in the PC version of PUBG: Battlegrounds. Additionally, the graphical quality of PUBG: New State pushes the boundaries of what was previously possible on mobile platforms.

Key Game Features and Update Plans: During the PUBG: New State online showcase, detailed game features and content update plans were discussed by Creative Director, Daehun Kim. He noted that PUBG: New State aims to push the battle royale genre forward through original gameplay features that include, but are not limited to, weapon customization, the drone store and a unique player recruitment system. When it launches, PUBG: New State will have four unique maps, including the future-set Troi and franchise staple, Erangel. The game will also be regularly updated with new content, improved gameplay and a season-based service focused on gameplay balance and fun.

The Global Service Blueprint: Head of Publishing, Henry Chung, presented Krafton's global service blueprint for PUBG: New State and noted that Krafton will actively communicate with the fans and provide stable game services by establishing nine global service hubs. The company will also pursue various initiatives to live up to the expectations set by the global gaming community and deliver the best gameplay experience possible for all fans.

Ensuring a Fair Battleground Through Strong Anti-Cheat Measures: Krafton's anti-cheat strategy to create a safe and fair gameplay environment was also introduced. Head of Anti-cheat Unit, Sangwan Kim of PUBG Studios, noted that Krafton will ban the use of an unauthorized program, emulators, keyboard and mouse, and actively detect and restrict hacks to prevent cheating and protect the game's code. Aside from technical responses, the player sentiment and feedback from the community will be closely reviewed, analyzed and reflected through in-game updates.

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