Ravenage Games Announces JRPG Visual Novel Frail Hearts

Ravenage Games revealed a brand new game this morning with the JRPG visual novel title written by a non-binary developer called Frail Hearts. The game was made by Italian indie developer Kristian Sinzar Hafner, who has chosen to use she/her as pronouns and refer to herself as Fiore (it. — a flower). The game was created out of a small school project while she was studying as a concept designer, which has blossomed into this Lovecraft-inspired story that centers around four troubled souls placed in the dark city of Gris. The four of them are completely different people who must work to understand and accept themselves before they may find their own inner freedom. You can try out a demo of the game on Steam at the link above as it is currently set to be released sometime in Q3 2022.

Ravenage Games Announces Non-Binary JRPG Visual Novel Frail Hearts
Credit: Ravenage Games

Frail Hearts heavily focuses on love and acceptance, but does so in a fairly gloomy setting full of terrible creatures which the player will face while exploring Gris. This is how the experience of toxic relationships with relatives and society influenced the imagination of the Creator. The story of the game is about evolution. A story of broken people forced to turn into something new, for better or for worse. It seems like all that comes around they live in constant dread brought to their lives by the impossibility to change the inner prison they live in. Because one of them avoids facing the world, the second doesn't want to see what surrounds him, the third one doesn't want to grow up, and the last one keeps running away from herself. They are unable to change. And the main protagonist, Alexis, which Fiore associates herself with, is the only entity able to make them face their inner demons… in his own way. He is a kind of "necessary evil".

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