Read Only Memories: Neurodiver Announced For Q1 2021

Midboss revealed during the Guerrilla Collective Showcase today that Read Only Memories: Neurodiver will be coming in Q1 2021. A direct sequel to 2064: Read Only Memories, the game will be released for Xbox One and PS4, as well as Steam for PC and Mac, but no word on next-gen consoles or the Switch. You can check out the trailer below along with the game's full description and screenshots, along with a quote from the company about this anticipated sequel.

Be careful of who you pretend to be in Neo-San Francisco, courtesy of Midboss.
Be careful of who you pretend to be in Neo-San Francisco, courtesy of Midboss.
Re-enter the vibrant and inclusive metropolis of Neo-San Francisco, filled with familiar locations and fan-favorite characters including former police detective Lexi Rivers, elite hacker TOMCAT, and genetically-altered lawyer Jess Meas. Explore a brand new story delving into perception, reality and identity. The powerful organization MINERVA's latest breakthrough, a genetically engineered creature called the Neurodiver, can probe deep into the subconscious mind. Guide MINERVA agent ES88, capable of using the Neurodiver's Deep Dive to access and directly interact with memories, as she tracks down a rogue psychic known as the Golden Butterfly. Find clues to the strange and powerful Golden Butterfly's whereabouts in the subconscious minds of Neo-San Francisco's citizens. Alter the corrupted memories of the Golden Butterfly's victims to find traces of its next target before the villain flits away. Uncover key information in the minds of cyberpunk citizens while practicing caution, for the Neurodiver's Deep Dive could cause irreparable damage to a person's consciousness if overused.
"Building new mechanics for Read Only Memories: Neurodiver has allowed us to approach the hopeful cyberpunk world we've created from new angles," said Cade Peterson, CEO of MidBoss, "As a diversity-first studio, creating empathy for all kinds of perspectives is part of our mission, and the Deep Dive will allow us to really explore our beloved characters from the inside out."

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