Riot Games Reveals Details On Valorant's Next Agent Astra

Valorant has a new agent on the way named Astra, and now we have an idea of how she'll work out in the game. The character barely got a reveal trailer yesterday showing off some of her skills in the game, as it appears she has the ability to bend time and space a bit. Not to mention being a crack-shot sniper that will have you checking corners from afar and giving you heart palpitations if she ever misses. Players have had a chance to try her out and a lot of what she can do is scary, but limited as you need some control to make it happen. the character will place stars across the map, which as small projectiles you toss like a grenade, but they each have different effects. You have to switch into an astral form that takes you above the map, which you will see as a grid but you can't see where anyone is, and you throw them down into whatever area you want around the place.

A look at Astra in all her glory before she jumps into Valorant, courtesy of Riot Games.
A look at Astra in all her glory before she jumps into Valorant, courtesy of Riot Games.

When you switch back to a normal human, you can activate the stars using your abilities. One will give you a small concussive blast giving players a dazed effect, one creates a smoke cloud for a short time in a small space, and one acts like a gravity well that will pull the player in and then explodes into a debuff to take more damage. These are some powerful weapons at your disposal, but they only work in Valorant the right way if you got patience and know where and when to activate them the right way. You can see a little bit of the ability in action in the character trailer here.

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