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Valorant Reveals ChronoVoid Skin Line Coming September 21st
Riot Games has revealed a brand new ChronoVoid skin line for Valorant today, as it will arrive in the game on September 21st You'll be getting some amazing-looking gear that has a special shine to all of it, but as it is with a lot of these additions, it's cosmetic only You're not getting anything[...]
Valorant Reveals New Details To Episode 5 Act 2 Update
Riot Games revealed new details today of all the minor additions coming to Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 later today The primary focus of this is basically trinkets and add-ons for all of the characters, as you can purchase a Battlepass in the game for 1,000 VP, which will get you some paid gear along[...]
Auto Draft
Riot Games dropped new info for Valorant players today about a new cosmetic as we'll soon be seeing the Champions 2022 skins Set to be released on August 23rd, for 6265 VP you can snag this new set you see below, which comes with a customized Phantom, a Butterfly Knife, a Gun Buddy, a new Player[...]
Riot Games & Webtoon To Host Valorant Webcomic Series
Riot Games has come together with Webtoon to announce they will be holding a special Valorant webcomic series for fans and creators This contest will allow anyone to submit original artwork and webcomics in their own style, whatever way they wish to draw and create it, depicting their own interpretations of the character Fade and[...]
Red Bull Home Ground Returns To Manchester In December
Red Bull announced the return of the Red Bull Home Ground Valorant tournament as the 2022 event will return to Manchester, England The tournament will run from December 9th-11th at the Victoria Warehouse as players in the EMEA section of the world will be able to compete for a yet-to-be-announced prize pool in one of[...]
Valorant Releases New Patch With Several Agent Fixes
Riot Games has released a new update this morning for Valorant as the team has put in a ton of bug fixes toward the agents Patch 4.11 has added the new Clutch Mute feature into the game to help players mass mute several people at once, which is about the only primary addition this time[...]
Gen.G Hosting Female-Identifying Valorant Tournament
Gen.G revealed today they will be holding a special Valorant tournament featuring female-identifying and nonbinary gamers Partnering up with Tampax and Always, the Astral Clash will be taking place over the summer There will first be two online qualifiers, which will happen June 17th-19th and July 15th-17th, which will round the competition down to four[...]
Valorant Masters II & Champions Tournaments Locations Revealed
Riot Games revealed the locations of two new Valorant esports events today as more details came out for the Masters II and Champions Tournaments First off, the Masters II will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark as they will continue to see who is good enough to make it through some of the toughest challenges[...]
Valorant Drops New Backstory Video For Viper
Riot Games decided to release a new awesome animated video for Valorant this week as we get a far better look at the backstory to Viper We have the video down at the bottom, but essentially we're getting a short and dangerous look into the character's past and the way that she came up, to[...]
Riot Games Launches Episode Four - Act One Into Valorant
Riot Games has released the latest update for Valorant today, as Episode Four – Act One has been added with several updates Along with the latest character addition of Neon, seen below, you're getting a ton o mechanics changes, a new battle pass, the Protocol 781-A skin line, and much more We have a snippet[...]
Riot Games Quietly Reveals A "Valorant" Gameplay Video
Some interesting news out of Riot Games this morning as the game director for Valorant, Joe Ziegler, has announced he's leaving the game In a short letter, which we have for you below, Ziegler addressed the fans letting them know that he would be departing the game he helped build from the ground up over[...]
Red Bull Signs New Deal With North America Valorant Esports
Red Bull and Riot Games have come together for a new partnership deal, making them one of the leading sponsors for Valorant in North America The two companies have worked together on several esports ventures in the past and have decided to press on into the next season The shorthand to the deal is they[...]
MissHarvey To Host A Special Valorant Charity Tournament
Paidia has teamed up with streamer MissHarvey to hold a special all-women Valorant tournament this weekend for a good cause During this Thanksgiving weekend (November 27th-28th), six teams will compete for a chance to claim bragging rights along with some prize money that will be split between the winning teams and their chosen charities[...]
Valorant Invitation Tourney Red Bull Home Ground Returns
This evening, Team Liquid can add another trophy to the case as they won the Red Bull Home Ground Valorant tournament in London The final match was intense as TL (who had already overcome Fnatic and Tenstar in shutout victories) went toe-to-toe with Tense (who pulled off the same feat against Gambit and Vodafone Giants),[...]
Valorant Invitation Tourney Red Bull Home Ground Returns
Red Bull Home Ground revealed more details today about their upcoming Valorant tournament as the event kicks off tomorrow in London Sixteen teams are going head-to-head in this tournament to crown a new champ of the series, with the first broadcast beginning on Thursday at 12pm GMT (8am EST) The first group match on the[...]