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Valorant Invitation Tourney Red Bull Home Ground Returns
Red Bull has brought back their Valorant invitational tournament as the Red Bull Home Ground returns this November The company has sent out invitations to 15 teams for this one, which will take place in London from November 4th-7th, 2021 Those teams include G2 Esports, Guild Esports, Team Liquid, Vodafone GIANTS, Tenstar, Acend, Futbolist, fnatic,[...]
Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final Reveals Talent For Event
Red Bull has revealed their full lineup of talent that will be taking part in their Valorant-centric Campus Clutch World Final This coming Saturday, 12 teams will enter the offline tourney in Madrid, and will feature an exclusive live audience and appearances from a number of leading figures in esports That roster includes Oscar "mixwell"[...]
Riot Games Planning To Bring Valorant To Mobile Devices
Riot Games is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Valorant by revealing that the game will be coming to mobile devices soon The company made the announcement, albeit briefly, in their celebration of the game reaching one year with a successful esports platform and playerbase to back it up Eventually when it releases it will be[...]
ReedPop & Metro Esports To Form Co-Ed Valorant Team At PAX West
ReedPop and Metro Esports have announced this morning they're forming a new Valorant esports team to debut at PAX West But this is no ordinary team as they are looking to build a diverse co-ed team that will be unlike many of the other teams you see compete in the game Metro will be hosting[...]
Valorant Is Now Recording Voice Chat For Offensive Behavior
In a move that we're sure will have thousands of trolls scrambling to learn all they can about the FCC, Valorant is now recording voice chat That's right, in case you happen to be racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and just a terrible person in general, Riot Games will now have your comments, on record, for them[...]
League Of Legends & Valorant's Next Events Head To Reykjavik In May
Riot Games revealed today that both the League Of Legends' MSI and Valorant's Stage 2 Masters live events are headed to Iceland This is the first time both competitions will head to Iceland as they will be held in the city of Reykjavik The MSI, which was canceled last year due to the pandemic, will[...]
Riot Games Reveals Details On Valorant's Next Agent Astra
Valorant has a new agent on the way named Astra, and now we have an idea of how she'll work out in the game The character barely got a reveal trailer yesterday showing off some of her skills in the game, as it appears she has the ability to bend time and space a bit[...]
Valorant Esports Reveals All-Women Game Changers Program
This week the Valorant Esports team revealed a new program called VCT Game Changers for women and other marginalized genders The program will be a supplement to the competitive season by creating new opportunities and exposure within the game This system has been in the works since the For The Women (FTW) Summer Showdown Ignition[...]
Riot Games' Next Valorant Update Will Target AFK Players
Riot Games looks to be cleaning house in Valorant in a few different ways as the next update is going to clear out AFK players The team posted a new set of patch notes that will come with Patch 2.04, in which they will be going after a few different types of player offenses The[...]
Red Bull Home Ground Will Host A Valorant Invitational
Red Bull revealed this week that they're throwing a new Home Ground esports series and will kick it off with a Valorant Invitational This will mark one of the first major official sponsored tournaments of the year from the comnpany The event will be running qualifiers this weekend, followed by the main event taking place[...]
Riot Games Announces 2021 Valorant Champions Tour
Riot Games revealed last week that they will be holding a new esports event next year with the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour The event will be structured as a season-long competition featuring bouts in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia A kickoff date hasn't been set yet, all we know is that[...]
Auto Draft
Riot Games has revealed the finer details of their upcoming Valorant: First Strike event including how to qualify and the prize pool First off, we now know the prize pool will be $100k, so a decent chunk of cash is on the line for this one The competition will begin on October 26th with the[...]
Auto Draft
Riot Games revealed this past week they will be launching their own official esports competition for Valorant called First Strike First Strike will be a global set of tournaments taking place across North America, Europe, CIS, Turkey, Asia, Oceania, Brazil, and the Middle East Each region will be holding merit-based qualifiers culminating with multiple Riot-produced[...]
Riot Games Officially Launches Valorant Act II This Week
Enjoy all of it while you can before the act comes to an end. Eat more ramen, get those skins, and take over the site with no mercy! Courtesy of Riot Games. Act II Battlepass: The Valorant Act II Battlepass is a way to customize your Valorant experience The Act II Battlepass will contain a series of[...]
Riot Games Reveals Valorant's Next Agent With Killjoy
Riot Games revealed today that the next new agent to come to Valorant will be a German genius tinkerer known as Killjoy This is more of a lockdown character as you'll be using her to take over key areas of the map ahead of time and make sure anyone that enters them pays a hefty[...]