RuneScape Launches Fresh Worlds, Announces OSRS Date

Jagex has officially launched a new aspect to RuneScape and Old School RuneScape as Fresh New Worlds has begun in the game. For the next four months, you can create a new character in this special World where everyone begins on a level playing field, working with a new economy, Grand Exchange, Hi-Scores, and an accelerated XP. While the main game starts today, OSRS will actually start on October 19th and run for six months. Old School Fresh Start Worlds will not benefit from an XP boost, so you'll have to rely on your skills to get you to new levels. We have more info on the new world below.

RuneScape & Old-School RuneScape Launch Fresh Start Worlds
Credit: Jagex

Fresh Start Worlds brings together new and old players to begin their RuneScape experience anew. Running for four months, players will rediscover the land of Gielinor as they return to landmark cities, memorable quests, skilling areas and boss battles – all with accelerated XP and gameplay boosts. There are also plenty of earned rewards to collect including new cosmetic armour, pet skins, alternative skill capes and even some rare tradable rewards.

During the first eight weeks of the event players will be challenged with the race to World Firsts. This will be available to those who achieve 99 to 120 in each skill, the first to achieve the Quest cape (all quests completed in the game) and the first to achieve the Max Cap.  Players will have to rely on their RuneScape knowledge during this time as both Treasure Hunter and premium XP benefits (such as the Premier Membership Artifact) will be unavailable during this time. RuneScape players will also be able to utilise RuneScape bonds in order to pay for their membership, but limited to one per week during this initial competitive phase.

"We're really excited for the potential that Fresh Start Worlds has to grow RuneScape's player base and help our players rediscover this amazing game," said Jendrik Posche, RuneScape's Executive Producer. "Fresh Start Worlds is a moment in time where players new and returning can unite and reignite that magical feeling of starting out on an adventure as a community. More importantly, the adventure doesn't end when the event is over, with players able to transfer their characters seamlessly to the main game, complete with all the achievements and cosmetics they've earned along the way."

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