Sci-Fi Puzzle Thriller Forest Grove To Release In Q3 2022

Blowfish Studios and Miga Games revealed this week that Forest Grove will be released on PC and consoles sometime in Q3 2022. This particular game is a sci-fi mystery puzzler in which you'll need to put on your best detective hat and piece together what happened to the step-daughter of one of the richest people in the area. But will you learn what you need or will you find yourself going further down the rabbit hole to discover there's more here than meets the eye? (You know it's the latter!) The game is set for PC as well as all three major consoles, we're just now waiting for an official date to be picked. In the meantime, enjoy the latest trailer down at the bottom.

Sci-Fi Puzzle Thriller Forest Grove To Release In Q3 2022
Credit: Blowfish Studios

Tears stream down the face of Mary Kunstimatigaard as she recounts the mysterious disappearance of her teenage step-daughter. Forest Grove Police call in the Remote Forensic Bureau (RFB) to investigate where the tech-empire heiress went missing. Using revolutionary nano-technology, safely analyze the crime scene in a virtual space and bring answers to the surface. Search for clues through a Nanodeck recreation of the Kunstimatigaard's beautiful Victorian estate. Collect evidence from the most unsuspecting places in this cloned crime scene by deciphering puzzles around the home to unlock secrets and hidden rooms. Examine audio and visual echoes of the past using Biotraces to see what transpired on that ill-fated day.

Add evidence to the clue board to make connections, narrow down persons of interest, and crack the case. At the end of the day, the work of an investigator is always grueling and unpredictable under scrutinizing eyes. Conclude each investigation session in the Nanodeck to receive a performance grade from the RFB higher-ups. Succeed and bring justice to the family, or fail, and be forced to tell a grieving mother her baby girl may be gone forever.

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