SCUF Gaming Releases The EXO SCUF For Comfortable Play

SCUF Gaming revealed a new product recently as they have introduced players to the EXO SCUF, an inflatable cushion for gamers. The goal of this new product is to provide a cushion with ergonomic support that provides better posture. Either by putting it against your back with space for the back of your arms, or across the front with you can play with the controller rested on it while you sit up straight rather than be hunched over. You can currently get it for $40, and we'll be doing a review of it sometime down the road ourselves. In the meantime, here some added info and a quote from the company.

A look at the inflated EXO SCUF, courtesy of SCUF Gaming.
A look at the inflated EXO SCUF, courtesy of SCUF Gaming.

The EXO SCUF promotes safer gaming habits, combating poor posture and slouching, which can cause discomfort over time and create tension in hands, wrists, shoulders, and back. The support cushion naturally encourages a relaxed seating position that reduces these problematic habits and promotes safer posture – supporting the elbows and improving the ergonomic positioning of the spine to keep your neck and joints in a more comfortable position. The EXO SCUF has a wide range of use cases, from combating 'gamer lean' to providing a healthier environment for users of tablets, laptops, other personal devices and even books. It is constructed from high-quality microfiber, strengthened with canvas sides and tactical webbing. Its u-shaped design fits naturally on a users' lap and provides a broad surface to rest their hands and arms, while an inflatable bladder allows them to adjust the level of support they require, making it easy to conveniently deflate and transport.

"Since our beginning, our mission has been to develop more ergonomic products that not only improve a players' performance, but also their health and safety," said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of SCUF Gaming. "By encouraging an improved gaming posture, the EXO SCUF helps to reduce tension and stress in the neck, shoulders, and back, while supporting the wrists and elbows to enable unrestricted blood flow to the hands and arms so you can focus on your game. The origin of SCUF was centered around increased hand use and improved ergonomics. Enhancing gamers' health and performance is what drives us. The EXO SCUF is the natural next step. It even goes beyond the hands and gaming. I'm quite tall and often slouch while reading or gaming so I use my EXO SCUF daily to reduce discomfort and help improve my posture."

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