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SCUF Gaming Reveals New Gaming Controllers For PS5
CORSAIR and SCUF Gaming revealed a new line of high-performance gaming controllers for the PS5 which they're calling The Reflex The controller will be coming out in three different versions named the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS, each of them coming with its own variations depending on the kind of gamer you are What's[...]
SCUF Gaming Launches Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller
SCUF Gaming has released a new gaming controller with the first wireless performance game controller for the Xbox Series X|S Dubbed the SCUF Instinct, the controller has been designed to give you all the capabilities of the standard controller you're used to with the customization and additional performance enhancements the company is known for to[...]
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SCUF Gaming had a brand new set of items to show off today as the company has a new line of Rocket design paraphernalia Strangely enough, this isn't the first time the company has made a specific design like this, as they had released a version of the PS4 and Xbox One controllers last year[...]
SCUF Gaming Unveils Its First Gaming Headset With The SCUF H1
SCUF Gaming has launched a new product, as for the first time they have a gaming headset, which is being called the SCUF H1 A bit of a new direction for them as it's one of the first real influences we've seen since being incorporated into the CORSAIR brand This is a wireless headset with[...]
SCUF Gaming Releases The EXO SCUF For Comfortable Play
SCUF Gaming revealed a new product recently as they have introduced players to the EXO SCUF, an inflatable cushion for gamers The goal of this new product is to provide a cushion with ergonomic support that provides better posture Either by putting it against your back with space for the back of your arms, or[...]
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A cool reveal today from SCUF Gaming as the company showed off all of the custom controllers for the Call Of Duty League All of these new custom faces show off all of the official League team designs, with each one featuring team colors and logos The new line of SCUF controllers commemorates the inaugural[...]
SCUF Gaming Reveals Their New Rocket Series Controllers
SCUF Gaming had a new reveal this week as the company unveiled its new Rocket series of controllers, as well as an Origin PC The lovely little mix of red, white, and blue looking somewhat smokey or cloudy reminds of the old-school Rocket Ice Pops Which is fitting to see them be released during the[...]
Review: SCUF Gaming's Prestige Controller For Xbox One
A while ago we were lucky enough to receive a new SCUF Gaming controller for the Xbox One in the form of the SCUF Prestige If you're a regular user of SCUF gear, then you know the company has spent more of the past few years focused on Sony and putting out more controllers for[...]
Corsair Agrees To Acquire SCUF Gaming Into Their Company
Big news this morning in terms of gaming gear as CORSAIR has agreed to acquire another company, this time being SCUF Gaming SCUF has become one of the biggest companies when it comes to gaming controllers, especially when it comes to customization So it only makes sense the company would want to snatch them up[...]
SCUF Gaming Launches a New Xbox One Controller
SCUF Gaming has officially announced that for the first time in two years, they're producing a fully customizable Xbox One controller The full announcement came out this morning for what they're calling the SCUF Prestige along with images and a trailer of the controller, and this is looking super impressive as it is a modern[...]
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This week, SCUF Gaming introduced a new set of controller designs for you to experiment with as you now have the Cosmic Series for options Basically, you have four interchangeable designs that all have a space vibe to them, which you can purchase for the Infinity PS4 Pro, the Impact, and the Vantage All of[...]
SCUF Gaming Announces Limited Edition SCUF Vantage BumbleBee Controller
If you're a gamer and a Transformers fan, SCUF Gaming just created a controller you'll want to own in the form of BumbleBee This is a limited edition SCUF Vantage controller, only 500 of these controllers will be released in the U.S., and can only be purchased by fans who first pre-order the BumbleBee movie[...]
Review: SCUF Gaming's PS4 Vantage Gaming Controller
When you're looking for a better controller to use for the PS4, the vast majority of your time will be spent looking into SCUF Gaming I say that because the majority of controllers on the market for the PS4 are either shaped like the PS4 design and don't feel like a regular controller, or they[...]
Scuf Gaming Brings Their New PS4 Vantage Controller to E3
One of the last stops I made on the last day of E3 was over at the Scuf Gaming booth, and it was well worth the visit to see their new controller This thing is basically an upgrade from top to bottom as they've taken their previous PS4 designs and streamlined them to make them[...]
Experimenting With Options: We Review the Scuf Impact Controller for PS4
In the grand search for better controllers to give us a better gaming experience, we found our way to Scuf Gaming who have been making their own special brand of PS4 and Xbox One controllers for the past few years We were curious as to how their designs held up to the standard and the[...]