Sephiroth Is Added To The Mobius Final Fantasy Cast

"No one remembers the name of the soldier who doesn't fight." Those bold words should help strike a chord in the hearts of many Final Fantasy fans as Sephiroth is coming to Mobius Final Fantasy in March. Below is the big reveal trailer that Square Enix put out this weekend, along with some information from the game's official forums about how he will play inside this game. Frankly speaking, he looks mighty impressive and will be an asset to you in cutting down major bosses. He will be added to the game on March 31st.

Sephiroth Is Added To The Mobius Final Fantasy Cast

Sephiroth does not have an elemental affinity. Instead, he will absorb the player's element and unleash attacks of that element, as well as gain the resistances of the absorbed element. When challenging him, be sure to bring a deck that can handle various elemental attacks and resistances. Furthermore, once an ailment is inflicted, he will have an extended duration of resistance than normal, and may require some tactics when using your status ailments.

To make matters worse, Sephiroth will also use Heartless Angel – an area attack that puts all players to 1 HP! Make sure to prepare for Heartless Angel by making sure that your Supporter and Defender can heal immediately. Beware the Octaflash! Finally, Sephiroth has a powerful attack known as the Octaflash, a super powerful barrage of 6 elements + no element. A player with low defense wouldn't stand a chance, but the Octaflash is a single-target attack. Take advantage of this by bringing a that has the "Taunt" ability to withstand this onslaught.

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