Shadow Arena Adds A New Playable Hero With Sura

Players now have a new combatant to play as in Shadow Arena this week as Pearl Abyss has added Sura to the mix. The character is, to say the least, a dexterous and aggressive ninja that will be a melee player's delight for those who love up-close-and-personal combat. He is essentially a glass cannon, however, as he has a ton of attacking techniques and abilities that will get the drop on people in a hurry, but his defense is low to the point where after a couple of hits the wind could take him out. So its a fun balancing act of getting and back out. He comes with a pair of Katanas and Kunai throwing knives for surprise attacks with quick slashes, along with some agile combat skills that require no weapons as you have five different stances you can switch between for whatever you may need. You can read more about him below and check out the preview video of the character as he is available to play today.

A look at Sura as he enters the Shadow Arena, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at Sura as he enters the Shadow Arena, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

Sura was designed as a stylish melee hero with elaborate attacks. Depending on the skill used, he can prepare his inherent skill (RMB) "Sixth Blade: Free-Form" with a form and he can either use the skill with the current form or wait 8 seconds to reset and prep a new one instead. However, using another skill while a skill is already prepared will not change the prepared skill, so you must always be aware which skill is prepared beforehand. He is a strong melee hero that can execute a flurry of complex skills that are unpredictable to his foes (and perhaps even to himself), but he is also quite challenging to learn since you have to master each form of his Inherent Skill (RMB) and appropriately utilize them in differing situations. In addition, once you're in a safe location after taking down some monsters, Sura will put away his sword if you wait without performing a skill and begin to recover a small amount of HP. Thanks to this ability, you can keep his HP up in-between defeating monsters.

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