Shadow Arena Reveals A Character Spotlight For Jordine Ducas

As Pearl Abyss gears up for the next beta to take place in Shadow Arena, they're now starting to do character reveals, starting with Jordine Ducas. One of the few things we haven't really talked about when previewing the game is that all of the characters you choose from are pre-made versions of the character class. That way everyone starts off with the same kind of gear and abilities and there's no unfair advantage from anyone. Just like you would expect in other battle royale titles. Since this is a Black Desert version of a battle royale, the developers decided to give each of them a personality and a backstory to fit who you choose to play as. So for the knight class, they decided to go with Jordine Ducas. Here's his bio from the game.

We get a look at Jordine Ducas in Shadow Arena, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
We get a look at Jordine Ducas in Shadow Arena, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

"Jordine Ducas, Serendia's Young Lion: A young warrior trained in swordsmanship by Cliff, the hero of Serendia. At the age of 20, Jordine became famous for his great achievement in the Calpheon-Heidel War. Later he got engaged to the princess of Heidel and was appointed as the Grand Chamberlain. However in year 285, he attempted to rebel against Calpheon but failed, and his whereabouts are unknown since then. Jordine Ducas has a good balance of offensive and defensive skills using his sword and shield. His special feature is that he can use his shield to block and connect combos safely, however, his attack speed is slower than the rest. Therefore, it is crucial to time the skills while defending with the shield to get the upper hand on the enemy."

You can watch the full video of him and his skills in action below. As for the new beta that will kick off on April 17th, some of the new features include an improved matching system, a new character balance, and normal and AI match modes. The normal match mode does not count toward a player's ranking, as this is for people who casually wanted to try out the game without the competition. Those who sign up for the beta will receive a special package of in-game items. Those including the highest grade sealed items, a matchlock, and Red Dragon Offering. Enjoy the Shadow Arena trailer and good luck in the beta.

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