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There is a lot of excitement surrounding the Pokémon TCG right now, with much of it surrounding the special set (or, "holiday set" as some call it) Shining Fates. Shining Fates is modeled after the landmark 2019 set Hidden Fates, featuring both a main set and a subset called the Shiny Vault. Shiny Vault cards depict Shiny Pokémon and can be pulled, if you're lucky, in the reverse holo slot. Shining Fates includes a whopping 122 cards in the Shiny Vault on top of the 73 regular cards in the set. The set is a collector's dream and is currently selling out nationwide due to both the quality of the cards and the current historic hype surrounding the Pokémon TCG. Forget the hype, though. For many collectors, it's all about the artwork, and that artwork deserves to be spotlighted. In this series, we'll analyze every single card from the Shiny Vault of Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates, starting with the card coded SV1 and ending with SV122. It's going to be a long journey, and you can follow it the whole way by clicking the Shining Fates tag below. This time, we finish with the Dark-types and move to the Steel-types.

Shining Fates cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Shining Fates cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Glarian Stunfisk: I've watched my fair share of Pokémon TCG openings, and man… some people just don't give Stunfisk the respect it deserves. Is it a stunning Pokémon? No! But it's a creative design and I think the way that the Shiny version of this Steel-type, bear trap-inspired species looks as if it's rusting is quite inventive. It may not be an absolutely stunning pull, but I think it has more than earned its spot in the Shiny Vault.
  • Corviknight: Corviknight is a weird one, because it's among the best of the new species introduced in the Galar region but the Shiny is unfortunately underwhelming. As a weird note here, different printings of Shining Fates seem to render this card in slightly different colors. The standard depiction should be grey, as pictured above.
  • Cufant, Copperajah: Finally, Cufant and Copperajah, the mascot of the underrated Rebel Clash. One thing that Rebel Clash is not underrated for, though, is Copperajah. The Pokémon is just okay and while some may compare it positively to Galarian Stunfisk, I side with that little snappy boy every time over the elephant that fell in a vat of paint.

Next time, our spotlight on Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates continues!

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