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Sniper Elite 5 Reveals An All New Invasion Mode

Rebellion Developments have revealed a few new details to Sniper Elite 5, as we get a new trailer, new artwork, and a brand new mode to play. First of all, look at that glorious finalized artwork the company revealed this week, as they encapsulate the wartime tactics you'll be employing as a sniper making your way through France as you kill German soldiers currently ruling over the country. Second, the new Invasion Mode that's being added to this entry will create a new level of difficulty for those who try it as opposing snipers will be fighting each other in a risky rewards scenario for both sides. Finally, a brand new cinematic trailer was release, which e have for you down at the bottom. Enjoy it and the info on the new mode below as we wait to find out when the game will come out this year.

The official final artwork for Sniper Elite 5, courtesy of Rebellion Developments.
The official final artwork for Sniper Elite 5, courtesy of Rebellion Developments.
Invasion Mode will bring a whole new dimension to the game's intense drama and add increased diversity to the tactics that players will have to employ in order to complete their mission. The invading Axis Sniper will have the sole aim to eliminate the player while the Allied Sniper will gain an extra objective: take out the invader. Invasion Mode will also be available in cooperative play – increasing the challenge for the Axis invader as they now have two Allies to track down but offering greater rewards.

Invasion Mode will enable some unique skills for both players. The Axis invader can make use of the AI Axis forces to help locate the Allied player. Tagging an Axis soldier will enable 'Eagle Eyes,' which means that if that soldier spots the Allied Sniper then their last known location will be displayed on the map. The Axis Sniper can also instruct nearby soldiers to 'Stay Sharp,' increasing their awareness. For the Allied Sniper, each level has invasion phones scattered around the map which the player can use to discover the last known location of their opponent. But beware, as not only can these phones be booby-trapped, but overuse will raise suspicions and reveal the player's location.

Successful Axis Snipers will be rewarded with weapons, items and skin unlocks while Allied Snipers can earn weapon and character skins by killing their opponent. You will also be awarded with additional XP for having Invasion Mode enabled.

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