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We Got To Check Out Evil Genius 2: World Domination
No word yet on whether the Switch will ever get a copy, but for now, this version will be coming out on November 30th, 2021. Credit: Rebellion Developments Evil Genius 2 lets you unleash your own unique brand of super-villainy as you build your hideout and create a cover operation You are going to need some help if[...]
Zombie Army 4 Reveals Several DLC Packs For Season 3
Rebellion Developments dropped a bunch of info this morning about Season 3 of Zombie Army 4: Dead War, specifically for new DLC packs All of these packs give you some new fun additions to the game to help spice things up, although most of them are cosmetic This includes new character outfits for Shola and[...]
Evil Genius 2 Upgrades To Adding Portal Mechanics
Rebellion Developments has released a new update for Evil Genius 2 with an amazing technological crossover from the world of Portal The Aperture Science Enrichment Center has sent some special tech to the future overlords of the world to help them protect their lair in what is an awesome little crossover with Valve Corporation Now[...]
We Got To Check Out Evil Genius 2: World Domination
no word yet if they'll be able to release a Switch version, or if one is even being planned, but we're guessing the game is being set for a November release in time for some holiday shopping. Credit: Rebellion Developments Evil Genius 2 is a satirical spy-fi lair builder, where players take control of an Evil Genius[...]
Sniper Elite 4 Receives A Next-Gen Upgrade
Rebellion Developments has released a new Sniper Elite 4 update that has enhanced the game for next-gen consoles Available to be downloaded now for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, this free "Enhanced" update will give players on those consoles gorgeous visuals up to 4K with smooth 60dps gameplay, along with greatly improved load times and[...]
Evil Genius 2
Rebellion Developments revealed two new packs on the way ot Evil Genius 2, as players will be getting the Pyro & Doomhilda henchmen First off, the new Team Fortress 2: Pyro DLC Pack has already been released for the game as you will get a free pack with Pyro henchman, the accompanying recruitment side story, and three loot items[...]
Zombie Army 4 Launches Season 3 With A Major Mission
Rebellion Developments has officially launched Season 3 of Zombie Army 4, and with it comes a brand new mission for you to tackle The first major addition to the season is Terminal Error, which is a brand new three-part campaign full of ominous new terrors which has equal parts horror and sci-fi that will entertain[...]
Evil Genius 2: World Domination Just Received Its First DLC
Rebellion Developments has released the first DLC pack for Evil Genius 2: World Domination as players can join The Cabal Pact This is a new genius named Espectro that has hidden himself behind a veil of red smoke, and with him comes a few extra additions to your evil lair that includes forbidden technology to[...]
We Got To Check Out Evil Genius 2: World Domination
Rebellion Developments drops a couple of tidbits today on Evil Genius 2 with post-launch plans and a new cinematic trailer The team revealed today that once the game is up and running, they already have plans in the works for more content to be added Staring with a photo mode that will be free to[...]
Evil Genius 2 Shows Off More Red Ivan Gameplay
Rebellion Developments released a new extended gameplay video this week for Evil Genius 2, showing off more of what you can do The video comes with commentary from the development team as they go over the ends and odds of how the game will play out and what you will be able to achieve within[...]
Evil Genius 2 Shows Off More Red Ivan Gameplay
Rebellion Developments officially revealed the release date for Evil Genius 2: World Domination this week It's been a long road but we finally learned today that the game will officially be released on Steam on march 30th, 2021 Along with the reveal we got a brand new trailer and additional info, both of which you[...]
Zombie Army 4 Season 2's Final Mission Is Now Live
Rebellion Developments have released the last DLC of Season 2 for Zombie Army 4 with the amazing Dead Zeppelin storyline What's worse than having the undead travel across the ground? Having them in the air so they can get out of Germany and to anywhere in the world to spread like a plague It's up[...]
Evil Genius 2 Shows Off More Red Ivan Gameplay
Rebellion Developments has released a new gameplay trailer this week for Evil Genius 2 showing off the evil intentions of Red Ivan As you may be aware, the game has a few different evil masterminds all plotting world domination from their secret base locations Red Ivan, as you'll see in the trailer below, has been[...]
Sniper Elite 4 Has Officially Made Its Way To Stadia
Rebellion Developments hyped the fact that Sniper Elite 4 has officially made its way onto Google Stadia this week for people to enjoy The game has done well for itself over the past three years, including recently being added to Nintendo Switch for fans to take people out with a deadly sniper rifle during WWII[...]
Zombie Army 4 Is Headed To The Damnation Valley
Rebellion Developments revealed brand new content for Season Two of Zombie Army 4 today as we head to Damnation Valley It's been a minute since we heard anything about the game as they made their way through the first season of content Now Season Two kicks off today and wastes little time throwing you into[...]