SNK Announces New Book – The King Of Fighters: The Ultimate History

SNK has announced a brand new book on the way for one of their most popular games called The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History. This is a full art book that goes over the detailed history of the franchise, from the earliest designs that came from the original arcade title all the way to the most recent game with KOF VX. The book will be published by Bitmap Books sometime this summer and come in two different versions, as the Standard Edition will run for $45.50 while the All-Star Edition (which comes with a lot of extras) will run for $71.50. You can read more details about both books below.

A look at the Standard Edition, courtesy of SNK.
A look at the Standard Edition, courtesy of SNK.

The King of Fighters (KOF) is one of the most important fighting game series of all time, and today it is considered versus fighter royalty. But despite this legacy, the history of this long-running and much beloved gaming series has never been comprehensively told – until now. The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History will be released this summer.

In the first officially licensed and fully endorsed book of its type, the story of the KOF franchise is revealed in its entirety. The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History grants access to illustrations and artwork, as well as the key members of the original development team. This official history delivers a comprehensive visual and written history of KOF: It celebrates iconic characters such as Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, as well as the voice actors who brought them to life. It uncovers never-before-seen details about the mysterious origins of KOF and delves into the sumptuous pixel art and rich story narratives the series is known for. With its wealth of imagery and information, this is the ultimate KOF history.

The All-Star Edition of The King of Fighters: The Ultimate History includes not only the book, but also a heavy-board slipcase to house it, five art prints and a postcard featuring exclusive illustrations by Eisuke Ogura. The slipcase includes a series of touch-panels on its fascia, which when pressed, play in-game sound effects for each fighter. This makes the book a perfect collector's item.

A look at the All-Star Edition, courtesy of SNK.
A look at the All-Star Edition, courtesy of SNK.

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