Someone Discovered Cut Doll Content In Bloodborne

When gamers are bored and start exploring files in games, they find a lot of weird stuff, like what was just found in Bloodborne. For the most part, it seemed like players who hacked the game's files found about everything they were going to find hidden in the coding. The game has been practically ripped to shreds by people looking for ways to mess around with it, so naturally, the assumption was that if there was anything old or secretive to find, it would have already been found a while ago. Well, that changed this week when PlayStation modder LanceMcDonald came across a new set of files in the Alpha version of the game that added a bit of depth to one of the most unlikely sources in the game. The Doll, an NPC character who sits outside the Workshop within the Hunter's Dream and serves as one of the key figures toward the plot of the game, apparently had a bit of development before we got her as we know her in the game.

What voice do you prefer in this Hunter's Dream? Courtesy of FromSoftware.
What voice do you prefer in this Hunter's Dream? Courtesy of FromSoftware.

The character in the final version of Bloodborne is voiced by Evetta Muradasilova, but apparently, at one point, she had a different voice actor playing the part. As you can see from the video below pieced together clips from McDonald going through certain files in the Alpha version of the game, the Doll had a ton of dialog that was recorded and changed or never used that still sit within the game's files. What's more, we discover that different actors recorded content for the game for various characters, and eventually, all of the cast were shuffled around and ended up playing roles at different points. We don't really have a reference as to who the actress is in the alpha version of the game, but we're guessing someone out there will eventually pinpoint who it is. The lines are pretty cool to hear as they give off a slightly creepier vibe to the character, but its a trip for those of us who have spent so many hours playing it and are used to the voice we know today.

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