Someone Is Building Super Nintendo World In Minecraft

It may be a while before a lot of people outside Japan can go see Super Nintendo World, but not if you happen to own Minecraft. With all the wonders of the world having been created on servers, as well as full-scale models you can explore of both the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation and a full map with somewhat working rides of Disneyland, you knew someone would eventually get around to making this into block form. And it's not like they didn't get any help from Nintendo who has posted a lot of images of the exterior of all the park's attractions that we know of so far, with most of the park resembling Super Mario Bros. in all of its blocky construction form. It's almost like someone was begging a Minecraft player to make this.

Soon, you can explore a park which we have no clue what's inside. Courtesy of Planet Minecraft.
Soon, you can explore a park which we have no clue what's inside. Courtesy of Planet Minecraft.

Picture aside, a level creator by the name of Dippy22 is working to commemorate that launch of the park by making it into a complete map. The goal is to make it a fully functional park that people can download and visit with it being a 1:1 scale with your character so that it feels like an actual tour of the place. So far they have been adapting the footage and images that have gotten out so far, and as of the time we're writing this, they claim to be about 45% finished with it. Keep in mind, there's rides and other attractions they haven't shown off yet to keep some of it a surprise to visitors coming for the first time. So it probably won't be truly complete for a while until footage of the entire park and all of the rides leaks out. But for now, it's looking mighty impressive.

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