Song Of Farca Receives A New Free Prologue Demo

Alawar Premium and Wooden Monkeys have released a free demo for Song Of Farca that goes over the game's opening prologue. If you're not familiar with the game, you play as an elite PI hacker named Isabella Song who investigates crimes and other happenings. You spend your days hacking into devices like cameras, phones, computers, and other objects to analyze the evidence you gain, as well as questioning suspects to see what they know, all to figure out what's in front of you. However, you're doing it in the city of Farca, where sometimes you need to do the dirty work for the criminals as well as they too can become victims. The game doesn't have a release date yet, let alone a widow, but the demo will give you a hint of what's to come.

What will your investigation turn up? Courtesy of Alawar Premium.
What will your investigation turn up? Courtesy of Alawar Premium.

In Song Of Farca Prologue, players step into the shoes of cyberdetective Isabella Song to investigate the theft of a pet robodog. Corporations and criminal gangs have carved Farca city up into zones of influence, and there's nothing the corrupt government can do about it. The police and the state do nothing, leaving residents no choice but to turn to private investigators. A hacker PI Isabella Song may be under house arrest, but that won't stop her from uncovering crimes that the police have turned a blind eye to due to pressure from the mafia.

  • Launch drones and gain access to personal messages and deeply hidden secrets.
  • Recover corrupted video files and photos.
  • Draw conclusions by questioning suspects and analyzing biometric data.
  • Combine leads to create a database of hard evidence.
  • Analyze evidence using AI.
  • Rely solely on the facts – sometimes, clients can lie, and suspects can end up victims.
  • Make life-changing decisions and live with the consequences.

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