Sony Apologizes For The Entire PS5 Pre-Order Snafu

If you're looking to purchase a PS5 still, and you've seen the complete and utter chaos that was the latter half of the week, you gotta be a tad miffed. Almost as soon as the PS5 Showcase ended last week, social media and retail websites were flooded with news about pre-orders. First starting with GameStop offering a pre-order at the same time Sony was telling people there would be no pre-orders. Then changing their tune a few hours later to say pre-orders would open up on September 17th, most likely because they saw their fanbase have a meltdown after seeing two contradicting points of view.

A look at the line of PS5 products, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.
A look at the line of PS5 products, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Then came the utter catastrophe that was the pre-order session in which practically every website on the planet that offered one sold out immediately, primarily due to the fact that for some reason, Sony didn't anticipate that their latest console would be a must-own product for the holidays. Yesterday, after everything wrapped up and it was made clear that the entire fiasco was a bad idea from the get-go, the company offered an apology via Twitter, in which they said more pre-orders were on the way.

Even the most staunch supporters of Sony Interactive Entertainment were pissed off this week, with very few people defending the company or offering to apologize for them. A lot of the criticism comes from the idea that the company isn't producing enough consoles to meet the initial demand, which is the same issue Nintendo had just three and a half years ago when they dropped the Nintendo Switch and left many out in the cold for up to three months. We'd write something here about game companies never learning lessons from the past, but that's the way things have been with every console-producing game company since the mid-90s, so why would we ever expect it to change 25 years later?

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