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Sony Has Renewed The PlayStation Home Trademark
Sony Interactive Entertainment has apparently renewed an old trademark that has got a lot of PlayStation 5 fans excited for what could be Reset Era got their hands on some paperwork showing that SIE has been approved for a renewal on the PlayStation Home IP, which immediately got a lot of people talking in their[...]
Sony Interactive Entertainment Announces New Discord Partnership
Sony Interactive Entertainment has formed a new multi-year partnership with Discord for both the PS4 and PS5 The announcement was made today on the SIE Blog by President and CEO Jim Ryan, and while the company didn't go into too many specifics or reveal any hard details about the partnership, we do know the plan[...]
Sony Interactive Entertainment pulled a rare about-face this morning at they will keep the PS3 and PS Vita shops open The company issued a statement this morning on the PlayStation Blog, which you can also read here, in which SIE CEO and President Jim Ryan announced the company will be keeping both shops open after[...]
A Playstation PS3 with a control remote on a white table. Editorial credit: oasisamuel /
Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to have taken the next step to fully shutting down all things PS3 this year The news is coming from the PSN Profiles forum, which has been monitoring different aspects of what Sony has been doing with all of their old hardware when it comes to phasing things out A recent[...]
EVO Logo Electro
Sony Interactive Entertainment has jointly acquired the summer event with a new esports venture called RTS (formulated out of Endeavor's esports business-side), as they have taken over the assets and properties According to the info they released about the deal, EVO co-founders Tony Cannon and Tom Cannon will continue to be closely involved as key[...]
Aeterna Noctis Receives A 17-Minute Gameplay Video
Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Aeterna Game Studio have released a new gameplay video for Aeterna Noctis The game has been in development for a minute now as the team is looking to make another 2D Metroidvania title with a new story and a few new twists As they slowly make their way to release,[...]
A Tale Of Paper Revealed To be A PS4 Exclusive For Late 2020
Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Open House Game have released a new trailer for A Tale Of Paper with a release date We now know the game will be released on October 21st, 2020 as a PS4 exclusive, with the game eventually coming to the PS5 at a later date It was a little unclear[...]
Sony Reveals New Details About The PS5 During Livestream
Then changing their tune a few hours later to say pre-orders would open up on September 17th, most likely because they saw their fanbase have a meltdown after seeing two contradicting points of view. A look at the line of PS5 products, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Then came the utter catastrophe that was the pre-order session[...]
Looks Like We're Getting Another God Of War Game On PS5
Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment. What exactly all that means at the moment is unknown, but if the fascination with Thor over the past decade from Marvel and every other game since that's been channeling Norse mythology is any indication, it looks like Kratos is going to be going to war with a lot of angry[...]
Sony Reveals New Details About The PS5 During Livestream
And while it was nice getting some content to check out and write about today, really, all we wanted to know was a price and when we could pick the thing up. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment Now we finally have that info, as you can see from the image below, the standard PS5 will run you $500,[...]
Sony Reveals New Details About The PS5 During Livestream
Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment. This is absolutely a disappointment Whether or not you're a fan of Microsoft or the Xbox Series X, you kinda have to give the company respect for making a genuine effort to make as many games as possible from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 backward-compatible on Xbox One While Sony,[...]