Squanch Games Releases New Animated Short For High On Life

Squanch Games has released a brand new animated short as a fun way to promote their upcoming game High On Life. The short is basically a small introduction into the world of the game, so that you get a pretty good idea of everything happening and why all of these creatures love being used as weapons. Here's the video description.

This short is called "Guy in a Hole," for reasons that will become clear when you watch it. It's seriously easy to understand. Maybe there are hidden layers to it? Maybe not. High On Life has a ton of these little shorts in it. You can watch them on the in-game monitors that are just out in the world. They're free. You don't have to pay extra for them or buy a battle pass or anything like that.

Enjoy the video below as the game will be released on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store and Xbox Series X|S on October 25th, 2022.

Squanch Games Releases New Animated Short For High On Life
Credit: Squanch Games

The alien invaders in High On Life are on a mission to dominate Earth, but with a particularly sinister twist: Garmantuous and his cartel goons are intent on enslaving humanity and using them as a new drug. This also makes sense, OK? Defeating these powerful aliens isn't going to be easy; bounty hunters will work with (or against) NPCs, collect upgrades, and acquire an arsenal of talking guns on their journey. Each of these guns has its own unique personality and special gameplay, and they provide their own narrative take on what's going on. Bounty hunters will travel between planets during their adventure, visiting memorable locations like a dense and dangerous jungle, a city built deep inside an asteroid, and a variety of other dynamic and changing worlds. Players will run into dangerous local wildlife, help (or help) a bunch of alien weirdos, and test their mettle against a variety of Hunter Challenges. And you'll never be alone because your guns talk!

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