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Squanch Games Releases New Animated Short For High On Life
VR developer and publisher Squanch Games finally released High On Life for the PS5 today, bringing the crazy FPS title to the platform Just in case you're wondering, yes, this is the most complete version of the game, with all of the added content and important patches thrown in, so it operates as best it[...]
justin roiland
In a tweet from the Roiland-founded Squanch Games, we learned that Roiland had resigned from the company on January 16, 2023, and that the video game developer would be "continuing to support and improve 'High on Life." Image: YouTube Interview Screencap Formerly known as Squanchtendo, Squanch Games was founded by Roiland in 2016 and is based out of[...]
Squanch Games Releases New Animated Short For High On Life
During Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2022, Squanch Games showed off an extended look at their next game, High On Life We've seen a little bit of the game here and there ever since it was announced as we run down the many voices of Justin Roiland in this entirely new world where several different[...]
Squanch Games Releases New Animated Short For High On Life
Squanch Games has released a brand new animated short as a fun way to promote their upcoming game High On Life The short is basically a small introduction into the world of the game, so that you get a pretty good idea of everything happening and why all of these creatures love being used as[...]
"Trover Saves The Universe" Is Headed To Xbox One & Nintendo Switch
You can read about what's all included in the game here, as well as check out the latest trailer. Credit: Squanch Games Included for free, Nintendo and Xbox fans will have access to the Important Cosmic Jobs area, a DLC pack that offers players an array of new characters and situations to encounter as they embark upon new quests[...]
Free "Trover Saves the Universe: Important Cosmic Jobs" DLC Is Out Now
Credit: Squanch Games Trover Saves the Universe has a fun new DLC release, and it's available now…you know, if you like to laugh and all. The "Important Cosmic Jobs" expansion is free, and it comes packing a series of new power babies to collect, original sketches to watch, and the chance to play "Space Slam." Squanch Games'[...]
Rick And Morty Comment On Trover Saves The Universe
Just in case you haven't had enough of Trover Saves The Universe trailers, Squanch Games released another one, this time for E3 2019 Aside from having fake video game violence and a lot of swearing, the trailer gives you a quick rundown of the world of the game and the story so far The marketing[...]
Trover Saves The Universe Was The Best WTF Game at PAX East 2019
Through the use of special creatures hooked up to the controller, you command other aliens to do your bidding as they yell at you for being stupid. credit//Squanch Games The game basically cracked me up every few seconds as there are jokes piled on jokes, vulgar language, impossible situations, and just every trope you could possibly throw[...]