Star Trek Online Receives A Pahvo Event & More To Come

Perfect World Entertainment revealed a new event coming to Star Trek Online as you will need to defend the forest planet of Pahvo. The event will take place across PC, PS4, and Xbox One starting on May 7th and running for three straight weeks, as you defend the planet first introduced in Star Trek: Discovery. This will be a limited-time event that gives you a chance to win a KIDD Drone Universal Kit. All you have to do is complete two popular Task Force Operations (one on the ground and one in space) that take place on the planet. What's more, the developers revealed a number of new events taking place in the month of May, which you can read about below. And they released a new Roadmap to show what's on the horizon for the game.

Star Trek Online Pahvo Event
Credit: Perfect World Entertainment

Defense of Pahvo Event

  • May 7-28 on all platforms.
  • Captains can team up with four other players to take on the ground TFO, "Pahvo Dissension," or enable a new blockade of satellites in the space TFO, "Peril Over Pahvo." Players who complete this event will earn a KIDD Drone Universal Kit Module, which can be applied to their entire account. Additional details available here.

Winter Event

  • Now through May 4 on all platforms.
  • It's winter in the spring! Players have a second chance to win the coveted Fek'Irhi Fe'Rang Dreadnought Carrier by returning to Q's Winter Wonderland and completing challenges that are usually only available during the holidays. Additional details available here.

Medical Pack Giveaway

  • Available now on PC and on consoles May 7.
  • To pay a small tribute to the real-life medical heroes out in the world, Star Trek Online is giving away a free pack to all players, which includes a Vanity Shield, Holo Bashir Bridge Officer (Federation), Emergency Medical Hologram Bridge Officer (Klingon) and a new Admiralty card for the medical ship, the U.S.S. Hope.

Star Trek Online: The Official Starships Collection by Hero Collector

  • Pre-Orders available now!
  • Last fall, Star Trek Online announced a partnership with Hero Collector to create real-life models of the game's most popular starships. Pre-orders for the first two ships, the Chimera-Class Heavy Destroyer and the Gagarin Miracle Worker Battlecruiser, are now live! For additional details and a look at all of the ships included in the new Star Trek Online collection, click here.

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