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Wesley Crusher Comes To Star Trek Online In Next Expansion
Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios revealed the next expansion for Star Trek Online as Wesley Crusher is making his presence known Revealed during Star Trek Day, the new addition will be called "Ascension" and will continue the Mirror Universe storyline currently happening in the free-to-play MMORPG, as the mirror version of Crusher will be looking[...]
Star Trek Online Releases Stormfall On Consoles With An Event
Gearbox Publishing has officially launched the latest expansion for Star Trek Online onto consoles as Stormfall is officially live Xbox and PlayStation players will now get to jump into this new piece of the continuous story in which you will be working with Janeway, Leeta, and Killy in the Mirror Universe searching out the Andorian[...]
Star Trek Online: Stormfront Launched Free On PC Today
Gearbox Publishing has launched Star Trek Online: Stormfront for free onto the PC version today adding two new chapters to the story The stories continue with the mirror universe playing havoc on the prime timeline of events, as Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman) and her forces choose a dangerous plan to wake up an old adversary[...]
Star Trek Online Confirms Season 26: Stormfall On The Way
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios revealed the next season of Star Trek Online during Star Trek: Mission Chicago today The story will carry over from the previous season as players will be experiencing the aftermath of the mirror universe crossover with Captain Killy and Admiral Leeta, as you'll be on a new rescue mission[...]
Star Trek Online Season 25 Is Now Available On Consoles
Perfect World Entertainment has released new content for Star Trek Online as Season 25 comes to both Xbox and PlayStation The season continues the Mirror Universe storyline with Shadows Advance, which features the Terran forces led by Marshall Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) kidnapping someone who is of great importance from  Jupiter Station in Federation space You'll[...]
Captain Janeway Debuts In Star Trek Online With "Shadow’s Advance"
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have brought Captain Janeway to Star Trek Online with the latest episode, Shadow's Advance This new story continues the Mirror Universe thread we've been following for a minute with Captain Killy and Admiral Leeta coming into the main universe, and if anyone can put a stop to it, it's[...]
Star Trek Online Launches Its First Halloween Event
Star Trek Online will be having a first within the game as the team is launching its first-ever Halloween event this month It's weird, but true, the game has never thrown a proper Halloween event to date, but that all changes as they will be launching it today on PC as well as both Xbox[...]
Star Trek Online Dives Into The Mirror Universe
Star Trek Online is boldly going to a new place we haven't tread too far into as the game will start the next season in the Mirror Universe As we all know, everything in the Mirror Universe seems to be the opposite of how people react in the Prime Universe in which we all know[...]
Star Trek Online Launches New Season To Complete Klingon Civil War
Would you like to play the new House United expansion for Star Trek Online on console? We have some in-game codes to giveaway! Perfect World Entertainment has given us two sets of codes to give out to people on both Xbox and PlayStation to get into the latest expansion Now, TO BE CLEAR ABOUT THESE[...]
Interview: Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online has been a smash hit for Perfect World Entertainment, but it wouldn't be that way if not for the dedication to the franchise One of the biggest factors toward that is the design of the ships within the game and how the team has painstakingly gone to great lengths to make sure[...]
Star Trek Online Launches New Season To Complete Klingon Civil War
Perfect World Entertainment has released the latest expansion of Star Trek Online: House United onto both Xbox and PlayStation consoles All of the fun players have been having on PC is now ready for console players to dive into as this is the last chapter of their epic Klingon story arc We have the details[...]
Star Trek Online Launches Its Annual Lohlunat Festival
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have launched the annual Lohlunat Festival into Star Trek Online For the entire month of July, the game will be celebrating the summer in style with love from Risa, as the game will be making several items available in the shop They include Baseball Uniforms for the Stem Bolts,[...]
Star Trek Online Provides A Quick Guide To Klingons
Perfect World Entertainment recently sent out a small handy guide to understanding Klingons within the game Star Trek Online With the recent events in the game bringing things to a close with House United, the devs would love for you to get more involved with the Klingon way of life and check them out as[...]
Giveaway: Some Special Items For Star Trek Online: House United
Would you like to win some cool items from the game Star Trek Online for their new season House United? All you need is a Twitter account Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released the latest season for the game, House United, which brings an end to their current storyline featuring a Klingon civil[...]
Star Trek Online Launches New Season To Complete Klingon Civil War
Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have launched the latest season of Star Trek Online, which will conclude the current storyline The season, which is called House United, will bring an end to the current Klingon Civil War, but what price will be paid to make it happen? That's for you to explore as the[...]
Star Trek Online First Contact Day Statue
Courtesy of Perfect World Entertainment. Star Trek Online Over in the Final Frontier, Star Trek Online is kicking off First Contact Day From now through April 22, both PC and console players can participate in three events to celebrate this momentous holiday Captains will travel to the events of the First Contact Day film with Seven of[...]
Perfect World Announces Perfect World Level Up Charity Initiative
The first effort will be in conjunction with Cryptic Studios and ViacomCBS Consumer Products, as they have joined forces to run a charity drive on Groupees to raise funds to support youth and celebrate Star Trek Online's 11th anniversary You can read more about it through quotes from this week's announcement below. Credit: Perfect World Entertainment "We're[...]
Star Trek Online Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary With A New Season
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are celebrating Star Trek Online's 11th anniversary with a new season The new content is called House Reborn, and will still be set in the Discovery era of the franchise's lore, but will also be pulling from a number of other places as you're dealing with the aftermath of[...]
Giveaway – Star Trek Online: House Divided Console Codes
Would you like to get in on Star Trek Online: Hose Divided? We got multiple codes to give away to people looking to jump into the game The folks over at Perfect World sent us a bunch of codes to give away for both PS4 and Xbox One players who already have the game loaded[...]
Star Trek Online Releases Collaboration With Star Trek: Lower Decks
Those of you who have been enjoying Star Trek: Lower Decks can get even more action out of it on Star Trek Online In a special collaboration, Perfect World Entertainment is giving everyone crew members straight from the show, as you can use all four of the main characters as special duty officers, totally available[...]
Star Trek Online Day Of Honor
Perfect World Entertainment revealed today they will be holding a Day Of Honor event in Star Trek Online, which will run all day tomorrow In this Klingon-centric event, Kahless, Eaglemoss, Modiphius, and the Streampunks are all teaming up to hold an all-day streaming event, featuring "some favorite Trek stars and a whole heaping helping of[...]
Star Trek Online Officially Launches The House Divided Expansion
Perfect World Entertainment has launched a brand new expansion into Star Trek Online as the Klingons battle in a House Divided This latest storyline gives returning players the chance to experience an epic Klingon-centric war story alongside Martok from Deep Space Nine You're going to see a lot of crossover and lore with some deep[...]
Star Trek Neverwinter Logos
Perfect World Entertainment announced today that Neverwinter and Star Trek Online would be teaming up for COVID-19 relief Along with Cryptic Studios and in conjunction with Wizards of the Coast, players can visit starting today There they can purchase in-game items for both titles with 100% of the proceeds being split between two non-profit organizations[...]
Star Trek Online Klingon Battle Cruiser
Break out the bat'leths and learn to endure the suffering of pain sticks, as Star Trek Online is about to enter the Year Of The Klingon The developers released a recent blog that let players know what's to come over the rest of 2020 In it, they let out info that for the next year[...]
Star Trek Online Pahvo Event
Perfect World Entertainment revealed a new event coming to Star Trek Online as you will need to defend the forest planet of Pahvo The event will take place across PC, PS4, and Xbox One starting on May 7th and running for three straight weeks, as you defend the planet first introduced in Star Trek: Discovery[...]
Star Trek Online First Contact Day Statue
Perfect World Entertainment has announced today that Star Trek Online will kick off a First Contact Day Celebration event starting on April 2nd The event celebrates the in-canon lore of the Star Trek universe where the Vulcans make first contact with humans on Earth, after Zefram Cochrane achieved warp drive Average Trek fans may know[...]
"Star Trek Online" Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With New Content
Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have officially launched Star Trek Online: Legacy, celebrating ten years of the online game The new content will arrive in the game on March 3rd, 2020, and will include two new faces to the fray The Star Trek: Picard version of Seven Of Nine (voiced by Jeri Ryan), and Michael[...]
"Star Trek: Picard" Uniforms Are Coming To "Star Trek Online"
Would you like your Star Trek Online characters to have the future Starfleet uniforms from Star Trek: Picard? It has happened! Perfect World Entertainment and Arc Games announced on the game's website today that the uniforms you see in the series are in the game, complete with the future communicators All you have to do[...]
Hero Collector Reveals New "Star Trek Online" Starship Models
Hero Collector has a couple new starships to show off from Star Trek Online as they made models of the Chimera and Gagarin class ships The company made both of these to hit shelves sometime in 2020, taking the look and feel of them from the MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment As well as the[...]
"Star Trek Online: Awakening" Arrives on PS4 & Xbox One Today
Perfect World Entertainment announced today that you can now play Star Trek Online: Awakening on both the PS4 and Xbox One In this new game, you team up with Lt Commander Paul Stamets (voiced by Anthony Rapp) from Star Trek: Discovery Taking on the role of captain, you will embark on a crucial mission to[...]