Stardew Valley Will Finally Be Getting Split Screen

Need a way to see what everyone else is doing in Stardew Valley? Or play with a second player at home? Good news is on the way! The next update will be giving you a split screen. We've been waiting for over six months for the latest update to eventually come to the game, as the last time we heard anything about it in a longer format than a tweet was back in February. Since then, although he has been pushing out a teaser or two, Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has been keeping a lot of what he's been working on close to the chest. If you believe the rumor mill, the next update for the game is due to be one of the biggest and most impressive updates to be released. Which sounds awesome if we had more to go on. Thankfully, we got a juicy nugget this past week that will make some people happy.

A look at the split-screen view in Stardew Valley, courtesy of ConcernedApe.
A look at the split screen view in Stardew Valley, courtesy of ConcernedApe.

The image above came from a recent tweet from the developer that had just one sentence with it saying "In Stardew Valley 1.5, there will be splitscreen co-op!" So now you and a friend can play the game together in the same room without requiring two different consoles. Although your field-of-view will be limited to a square. People have already been picking this image apart and have noted a lot of additions that aren't in the current version of the game. Those include (if they're accurate) ginger root, beetles on plants, torch placement on fences, a telephone stand, new green chests, new artisan equipment, a Solar Essence statue, what appears to be a TV dinner table, and new clothing options. Hopefully, this image and the attention its getting will spark a release date announcement of some kind. But that's what we were hoping last time this happened, and that was back in July.

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