Stardew Valley's Multiplayer Mode Should be Available in a Month

Stardew Valley's creator has given fans an update on the state of the upcoming multiplayer for the game, saying that we should expect it in around a month.

Stardew Valley
Credit: 505 Games

Stardew Valley's multiplayer mode has been on the docket for the game for quite some time. The mode, which will allow you to bring a friend into your nice little town to help you maintain a farm, has been a lingering above the game like a spectre but it seems that wait might finally be coming to an end sometime soon.

The mode is just around the corner according to the title's developer Eric Barone. Taking to Twitter, the developer said that fans can probably expect the functionality to be added in just around a month. Progress seems to be going pretty well, and it is now the bug fixing phase now. In the tweet, he said:

Later Barone clarified that this date represented the PC version of the game, and then would target Switch, then other consoles. He said:

The game has required a lot of patience on the part of fans, but it's good the end is now in sight. With multiplayer games almost always being intensely competitive, the idea of hanging out with a pal and tending to a space all with the calm that Stardew Valley brings, it should be a pretty unique little experience. The mode is being added for free, so when it lands, have at it.

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