Steamforged Acquires Euthia & Forms New Diea Games Partnership

Steamforged Games announced today they have officially acquired Euthia while forming a new long-term partnership with Diea Games. The tabletop publisher acquired the IP after the original developers canceled their crowdfunding campaign to bring back the out-of-print open-world fantasy sandbox RPG, which at the time had raised over $500k in two days. Rather than let it die, it appears Steamforged will press on and have put Czech studio Diea Games in charge of resurrecting it through their new deal, which will help them stabilize their own business and become a full-time development studio with this game and future expansions. At the time we're writing this, the company made it clear they will launch a new crowdfunding campaign down the road, this time on Kickstarter, with streamlined new pledge levels. We have a couple of quotes about this new venture below.

Steamforged Acquires Euthia & Forms New Diea Games Partnership
Credit: Steamforged Games

"When we heard what happened with Euthia, we felt compelled to reach out to Diea, said Steamforged CEO Rich Loxam. "Steamforged started out in the corner of a retail store more than eight years ago and, although we've come a long way since then, we remember what it's like to have a game you really believe in and to be facing the challenges of making that a reality. Now, the Steamforged library has grown significantly to include fifteen different ranges and we've successfully fulfilled more than eleven tabletop Kickstarter campaigns. Like many others, we faced our biggest challenges over the last couple of years and, despite global issues and high shipping prices, we managed to stick close to expected delivery times and to deliver with reasonable shipping costs, even delivering Bardsung early. Although we typically design, develop, and publish our own games, this is Steamforged's opportunity to use everything we've learned on the publishing side to help realise Diea's dream of bringing a fantastic game back to life. We're incredibly excited to see what the future holds."

"We thought it wouldn't be possible to bring Euthia back. Now, thanks to Steamforged, we have a route to do that," said Tadeáš Spousta of Diea Games. "This partnership allows us to build Diea Games into a true development studio, which is something we've wanted since starting this journey, and to deliver the dream and experience of Euthia that we always planned. We thank all fans of Euthia for their patience while we worked all of this out. We look forward to welcoming you back to Kickstarter, and to giving Euthia the chance it deserves."

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