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Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Announces New First Expansion Set
Steamforged Games has announced the first expansion for their Horizon Zero Dawn board game! Entitled "The Sacred Land", this expansion seems to revolve around the Nora territories This expansion set is geared to release with a street date of September 14th later this year. The box for Steamforged Games'first-ever expansion set for their board game, Horizon Zero[...]
Review: Godtear's Styx Boxed Set Release From Steamforged Games
Godtear is a relatively new board game by Steamforged Games Its Kickstarter campaign concluded in 2018 to great acclaim, and all but one of the campaign's boxed Champion sets have come out Luckily, we got ahold of a review copy of that Champion, Styx, from Steamforged Games, and here's what we think of him and[...]
Review: Godtear: Luella, The Raging Storm Set By Steamforged Games
We got ahold of quite a few sets from Steamforged Games' epic fantasy board game Godtear recently This includes not only the two starter sets – the Eternal Glade and The Borderlands – but also a couple of individual champion sets As it stands, we still haven't been able to play this game with anyone yet[...]
Review: Godtear's The Borderlands Starter Set By Steamforged Games
Yesterday, we reviewed Eternal Glade, one of the two starter sets from Steamforged Games' tabletop hex-grid board game Godtear Today, we will be looking at the second starter set from this game, titled The Borderlands Here is what we think of it! The box lid for The Borderlands starter set for Godtear, created and released by Steamforged Games. As[...]
Review: Godtear: Eternal Glade Starter Set, By Steamforged Games
Today, we have gotten ahold of Godtear: Eternal Glade, the starter set for the game by Steamforged Games While we can't get a gameplay review to you just yet (as, although the pandemic is subsiding, we have yet to find an opponent to play with us), here is what we think of the components! The front[...]
Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Kickstarter Set For July 20th
Avast, all ye lovers of animal companions in 5E! Steamforged Games, the company responsible for various licensed tabletop games such as Monster Hunter World: The Board Game and Dark Souls: The Board Game and many originals such as Tales of Dungeons and Doggies, has announced the start time for their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter[...]
Steamforged Games Previews Labyrinth Of The Goblin Tsar Miniatures
Its overwhelming impact is why it's not a shock that Steamforged Games, a tabletop gaming design company that's well-known for its highly detailed miniature-based games, has made something seemingly inspired by the film. The next upcoming Epic Encounters release, coming out on September 10th of this year, is Labyrinth of the Goblin Tsar This appears to hearken[...]
Steamforged Games Releases Styx, A New Champion, Into Godtear
Godtear, Steamforged Games' skirmish-based wargame, has been in play in the industry of tabletop gaming since around 2018, when its Kickstarter was launched and finished soon thereafter Most of the major boxes for that campaign have been released, save for one: Styx However, this is about to change, as Steamforged is finally releasing Styx at[...]
Steamforged Games Monster Hunter World Game On Kickstarter Tomorrow
The Kickstarter campaign nevertheless continues, so if you want to be part of the crowdfunding experience, you still have that opportunity. Brace yourselves for a hard-hitting new game! Steamforged Games, a tabletop game design studio that often uses licensed intellectual properties as their focus, is putting their newest game, Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, onto Kickstarter[...]
Monster Hunter World: The Board Game Will Launch A Kickstarter
Steamforged Games revealed they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game The company has been working on this for a bit and we knew something was in the works for a release probably in 2021 or 2022, but we didn't really have any fine details as to how it[...]
Pac-Man Card Game By Steamforged Games' Solicitation Released
Steamforged Games, the company known for such tabletop games as Godtear and Guild Ball, are releasing a new card game, based on the classic Bandai Namco arcade game Pac-Man Veteran arcade game players and newcomers to the gaming scene alike are sure to enjoy this card game when it hits stores on November 13th of[...]
Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Pledges Reopen To Backers
Steamforged Games, a tabletop gaming company known for its original works Guild Ball and Godtear as well as many board game versions of video games, has announced their reopening of the pledges for their campaign to bring Horizon Zero Dawn to the tabletop These reopened pledges are available to both new and existing backers of the[...]
Dark Souls Board Game Announces Terrifying New Expansion
Steamforged Games, well known for their original games Guild Ball and Godtear as well as licensed games such as the Resident Evil 3 board game, has released a new expansion for their ever-popular, ever-terrifying board game version of Dark Souls Called the Executioner's Chariot, solicitations for this expansion begin immediately, and last until July 10th, with the street release date for the[...]
RE3tBG array
Steamforged Games' Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil 3: The Board Game has reached its final two days of backing Of their nearly $187,000 goal, through the support of over 6,300 backers thus far they have made well over $879,000 as of the time of writing this article. The array for the core of Resident Evil 3: The[...]
Resident Evil 3 The Board Game Display
Steamforged Games has partnered up with Capcom again to make another tabletop version of a video game with Resident Evil 3: The Board Game The two companies had already come together last year to make Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, to go along with the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake That one[...]