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Steamforged Games' Next Epic Encounters Have Spine-Tingling Undead
Steamforged Games, a company of tabletop miniature game designers working with all manner of licensed games (such as Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Board Game and Resident Evil 3: The Board Game) and original games alike (including Guild Ball and Godtear), has released information for their next set of Epic Encounters modules! Titled Arena of the Undead Horde and Tower of the[...]
Resident Evil 3: The Board Game Street Date And MSRP Announced
Steamforged Games, the tabletop gaming company crediting with bringing various original games such as Guild Ball and Godtear to gamers alongside various licensed titles like the Pac-Man card game and Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Board Game, has announced the official street dates and manufacturer-suggested retail prices for their Resident Evil 3: The Board Game title[...]
Steamforged Games' "Web Of The Spider Tyrant" Is Hair-Raising Fun
Steamforged Games, a well-known tabletop game design company whose games include Godtear, Guild Ball, and many licensed options, has announced the upcoming release of their next boxed boss-monster set for Epic Encounters, their role-playing game supplement for the fifth edition of a certain very widely popular role-playing game This boxed set is assured to make your skin[...]
Steamforged Games' Stormbird Looms Just Over The "Horizon"
Steamforged Games, a renowned tabletop game designer known both for its original games, such as Guild Ball and Godtear, as well as its licensed games like the Dark Souls board game and the Sonic The Hedgehog card game, have announced a new expansion for their board game based on the video game Horizon: Zero Dawn[...]
Review: Steamforged Games "Temple Of The Snake God" Boxed Set
Yesterday, we got a chance to review the "Chambers of the Serpent Folk" module boxed set for Steamforged Games' Epic Encounters series of tabletop role-playing game miniatures Well, Steamforged apparently did not think this was enough snake-itude for us to handle (to our delight!), and so we got ahold of another slithery release in this[...]
Review: Steamforged Games "Chambers Of The Serpent Folk" Boxed Set
Steamforged Games, the game designers behind Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Board Game and Godtear, have mastered this concept and thusly have released a number of modules for their Epic Encounters series of miniatures, for use in the Fifth Edition version of a certain RPG system that many people know and love In fact, we got ahold of[...]
Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea's KS Pledge Levels Revealed
Steamforged Games, a game design company whose work includes various licensed games such as Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game and Godtear, has once again teamed up with Painting Polygons to bring Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea to the tables of fans of the 5e system of Dungeons & Dragons The pledge levels for the Kickstarter for this role-playing[...]
Sonic The Card Game By Steamforged Games Available For Preorder
To sate your urge for rings, expensive sneaker replacements, and chili dogs, Steamforged Games has announced that their upcoming card game, Sonic the Card Game, is available for preorder! An artistic shot of the box for Sonic the Card Game, a game by Steamforged Games that's currently available for preorder on their website. In Sonic the Card Game,[...]
Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Announces New First Expansion Set
Steamforged Games has announced the first expansion for their Horizon Zero Dawn board game! Entitled "The Sacred Land", this expansion seems to revolve around the Nora territories This expansion set is geared to release with a street date of September 14th later this year. The box for Steamforged Games'first-ever expansion set for their board game, Horizon Zero[...]
Review: Godtear's Styx Boxed Set Release From Steamforged Games
Godtear is a relatively new board game by Steamforged Games Its Kickstarter campaign concluded in 2018 to great acclaim, and all but one of the campaign's boxed Champion sets have come out Luckily, we got ahold of a review copy of that Champion, Styx, from Steamforged Games, and here's what we think of him and[...]
Review: Godtear: Luella, The Raging Storm Set By Steamforged Games
We got ahold of quite a few sets from Steamforged Games' epic fantasy board game Godtear recently This includes not only the two starter sets – the Eternal Glade and The Borderlands – but also a couple of individual champion sets As it stands, we still haven't been able to play this game with anyone yet[...]
Review: Godtear's The Borderlands Starter Set By Steamforged Games
Yesterday, we reviewed Eternal Glade, one of the two starter sets from Steamforged Games' tabletop hex-grid board game Godtear Today, we will be looking at the second starter set from this game, titled The Borderlands Here is what we think of it! The box lid for The Borderlands starter set for Godtear, created and released by Steamforged Games. As[...]
Review: Godtear: Eternal Glade Starter Set, By Steamforged Games
Today, we have gotten ahold of Godtear: Eternal Glade, the starter set for the game by Steamforged Games While we can't get a gameplay review to you just yet (as, although the pandemic is subsiding, we have yet to find an opponent to play with us), here is what we think of the components! The front[...]
Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Kickstarter Set For July 20th
Avast, all ye lovers of animal companions in 5E! Steamforged Games, the company responsible for various licensed tabletop games such as Monster Hunter World: The Board Game and Dark Souls: The Board Game and many originals such as Tales of Dungeons and Doggies, has announced the start time for their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter[...]