Steering "Fixed" In One Of The Biggest Wastes Of Cash In 'GTAV'

I'm just going to say this right now before we move on with this news: there are a lot of cars in Grand Theft Auto V that are a waste of money. If you have a personal taste for one, like the Grotti X80 Proto or the Ocelot Lynx, good on you. I'm not here to take away anything from your personal joy. But as an average gamer, there's a lot of dumb junk that the game wants you to think is awesome but is actually a waste. One of the highest on the on that list is the Pegassi Infernus Classic, which is a useless car with some speed behind it that's only there to show off you're rich. How rich? $915k on in-game money rich. If you have that much cash to blow on this useless two-door sports car, then I have to ask you to show me your complete car collection, because this should have been dead last to the other better cars in the game.


Apparently, this car has also been a lemon among its owners as the steering has been super jacked up. Which if you spent nearly a million in currency to buy it, you'd be mad, too. After debuting last month, Rockstar finally fixed the problem in a new patch today. Now that it's fixed, go trade it in for a Annis RE-7B and win some races for a change.

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