GTAO Alien Costumes

Grand Theft Auto Online Is Giving Away Alien Costumes

Want an excuse to dress up even more ridiculous than you already do in Grand Theft Auto Online? Rockstar Games is giving you one. The devs made an announcement on Twitter that for a limited time, you can get some ridiculous merch in the game totally free, saying "Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits are free […]

Rockstar Games is literally giving money away in GTA Online this month.

Snag $500K In GTA Online Just For Logging In This Month

For the entire month of May, it pays to log into your GTA Online account. Rockstar will be giving away half a million dollars in GTA Online currency for such a simple task that even if you don't actively play the game, it feels worth grabbing all of this free money for doing something as […]

Federal Judge Blocks Player from Cheating at Grand Theft Auto Online

Apparently, banning him from their own servers wasn't enough, so they took him to court saying his use of the programs infringed on the original GTAV copyright the game is based on.According to Reuters, the judge awarded an injunction against Zipperer from distributing the software and playing the game himself, citing that the company proved[...]

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Grand Theft Auto V Passes 90 Million Units Shipped

GTAV has been out since 2013 and currently stands as one of the longest running console and PC games still receiving updates well past its release date At this rate, you can expect GTAV to continue to receive updates and support to content until Rockstar finally release Grand Theft Auto VI, whenever that may be.[...]

Rockstar Games Issues A Statement On The Recent GTA 5 Modding Crackdown

Yesterday we wrote about Take-Two Interactive's crackdown on all the GTA 5 hacking and modding sites that they could find, who were apparently causing issues with their monetization system. In response, the fans have been more than unkind across the board, and it's very likely that this kind of treatment toward the fanbase could have repercussions […]

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'Grand Theft Auto V' Taking Heat For Shutting Down Hacking Systems

Earlier this week, Take-Two forced Open IV to shut down, which if you haven't used it, it's essentially a modding tool used on GTAV (as well as GTA4) to create single-player mods for the game using the software behind the game Apparently, some people found a way to hack Shark Cards, which moderate the in-game[...]

You Can Now Add "Gunrunner" To Your List Of Jobs In 'GTAV'

So for the millions of people still playing GTAV and GTA Online, this will be an awesome present after basically doing everything you could in the game, including racing tiny cars Here's a brief bit of info on the addition to come. Dotted throughout Blaine County are hatches – look into these mysterious properties on the[...]

Someone Created 'Terminator 2' Using 'GTAV'

I'm a fan of machinima when it's done right. There are a lot of creators out there who throw a few frames together and call it good, but it ends up looking terrible because they didn't take the time to do anything but pose a few people and dub the audio. But when it's done right, […]

'GTAV' Tiny Racers Makes Us Want To Play With Micro Machines

Back in the day, we had two kinds of tiny adorable cars: drop-down racing games and Micro Machines. (Sorry, Hot Wheels kids. Ultra detail is for collectors.) Well, we get to relive those glory days again with the new Tiny Racers addition to Grand Theft Auto V, and all you have to do is hold […]

A 'Red Dead Redemption' Mod Map For 'GTAV' Killed By An Email

Mod maps in Grand Theft Auto V are commonplace at this point and have added a level of fun that can't be duplicated by game designers. Player imagination has much more freedom with the utilities available to them than some who actually built the game, and it shows. Recently, there was a small buzz about […]

Holy Crap, Morty. We're Getting Schwifty In 'GTAV,' Whatever That Is.

Words do not do justice to the mayhem that is the latest mods added to Grand Theft Auto V by user Jedidiah525, and it's making us want to Get Schwifty. His Rick and Morty additions are both amazing and disturbing when put into practical use. Aside from the two primary characters, you also get Mr. Meeseeks […]

Steering "Fixed" In One Of The Biggest Wastes Of Cash In 'GTAV'

I'm just going to say this right now before we move on with this news: there are a lot of cars in Grand Theft Auto V that are a waste of money. If you have a personal taste for one, like the Grotti X80 Proto or the Ocelot Lynx, good on you. I'm not here […]