Stop What You're Doing And Play The Miitomo App Now

I've seen bits of news about Nintendo's new phone app Miitomo, and Bleeding Cool reported news too. However, I didn't fully realize how awesome this little app was until this morning. Since then, I haven't been able to stop playing. You can almost always count on high quality with Nintendo. Most of what they put out is super fun and entertaining, so why wouldn't an app be just as good?

So here's the deal, if you have a Wii or WiiU you probably already know what a Mii is. It's a cute digital version of yourself. That's how the app begins. Just like the larger systems process, you can choose to take a picture and your Mii will be generated, or you can design it yourself. The premise is simple, but super cute and fun. Here's the Mii I created…




You can connect with friends and they'll come over and hang out. Answering questions and interacting earns you more coins and such. I got a few random gifts as well.



…and small details like this, make the game surprisingly funny. You Mii essentially lives its own little life while you're away and takes ridiculous pictures too.

I'm highly recommending this app for Nintendo lovers, or anyone who is looking to play something simple that doesn't take up too much time. Unless you're me…and play all morning. For more information, check out Miitomo on the App Store.