Sunset Overdrive Could be Coming to PC

Sunset Overdrive may be headed to PC as a new version of the title has been spotted on international ratings boards.

sunset overdrive

Sunset Overdrive was a neat little title when it hit back in 2013. The game was one of the Xbox One's best early titles, with Insomniac Games flexing their muscles a little bit more than usual, making a colourful and stylish open world game. From inventive ideas, an in your face sensibility and a really fun movement system, it was a game that threw a lot at the wall, seeing what would stick.

Well, it seems like it might be making an important transition too, allowing others to get to play with it. As spotted by Gematsu, the Korean games rating board has rated a PC version of the game. There isn't a lot more to go on, but these ratings almost always point to an impending release. While it is not announced, of course, there is probably a good chance this turns into something.

While it may seem odd for a PC version of an Xbox exclusive to get a new release five years after the fact, this makes sense. Quantum Break also came to PC after its initial release, so these third party Microsoft exclusives have definitely done this before.

I had a great time with Sunset Overdrive when it came out. While it's brashness certainly grated on some players, if you embrace its outlandishness, there is a great time to be had there. Opening that up to a new audience could give the game a nice second lease on life.

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