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"Marvel's Spider-Man" Releases A New Trailer Showing Off The Suits

One of last year's most popular games has a new trailer out as Insomniac Games are showing off all of the suits you can get in Marvel's Spider-Man. The video doesn't reveal anything new, it's basically just a look at Spider-Man in all his flashy PS4 glory in all the suits you can get. PlayStation […]

We Gave "Stormland" On Oculus Quest A Try At PAX West 2019

We Gave "Stormland" On Oculus A Try At PAX West 2019

We paid a visit with Oculus while we were at PAX West 2019, and the big game they had to show was Stormland from Insomniac Games. Yes, the same Insomniac who made last year's Spider-Man game for the PS4, as this is probably one of their last titles created before they were purchased by Sony. […]

Insomniac Games Acquired By Sony Interactive Entertainment

Big news today from Sony Interactive Entertainment as it appears they have acquired Insomniac Games and added them to the company. The news came down this afternoon from Kotaku, saying they have purchased the California-based studio to make them exclusive. Insomniac is the studio behind the highly successful 2018 game Marvel's Spider-Man, one of Sony's […]

"Marvel's Spider-Man" Just Got Two "Far From Home" Costumes

Insomniac Games had a surprise for Marvel's Spider-Man players today as the developers added two new costumes to the game from the new movie. People wasted little time going on Twitter and posting these images of the new suits from Spider-Man: Far From Home. The first oen being the standard Spidey suit that Stark created […]

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God of War and Spider-Man Lead the Pack for the 22nd Annual DICE Awards

The finalists for the 22nd Annual DICE Awards are in, and PS4 exclusives God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man lead the pack of nominees with 12 and 11 nominations respectively. The 22nd round of awards will be co-hosted for the third year by Greg Miller of Kinda Funny, and Jessica Chobot of Nerdist News during the 2019 DICE summit. The awards will be […]

Insomniac Games Adds Two More DLC Suits to Marvel's Spider-Man

Insomniac Games has added two new DLC suits for Marvel's Spider-Man that you can get absolutely free, and both have some specific throwback nostalgia. First off, we have the black and white high-tech suit that Spidey wore when he was a part of the Fantastic Four, during a period when they were calling themselves The […]

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Are We Already Getting a Sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man?

If you believe the latest rumor going around online, it sounds like Insomniac Games is already planning a sequel to the 2018 hit game Marvel's Spider-Man. The rumors sparked yesterday when this tweet went out from the game's creative director, Bryan Intihar, making fun of the fact that he's currently pitching story ideas for a new game. […]

Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel Games Teases Fantastic Four Content for Marvel's Spider-Man

We've been wondering if Insomniac Games would put anymore DLC into Marvel's Spider-Man, and this evening, we got an answer. As part of Marvel Games' final Fantastic Four Week livestream announcement, the company sent out a tweet that got everyone instantly talking about what's on the way. And if it actually holds true, it might be […]

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Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Game Soundtrack

It takes a hell of a soundtrack to transport you from the real world into another, but Marvel's Spider-Man did the trick in more ways than one. While a lot of top-tier games have soundtracks that rival those of major motion pictures, many of them come across as posturing when the music doesn't fit the game. […]

Insomniac Games Adds the Maguire Suit to Marvel's Spider-Man

One of the most requested Spidey suits has finally been added to Marvel's Spider-Man today by Insomniac Games, and it's completely free. The company has added the Toby Maguire suit, the one from the 2002, 2004, and 2007 Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, looking about as pristine and complete as it can with the raised webbing […]

Former Telltale Games Lead Writer Joins Insomniac Games

Some cool news for one of Telltale Games' former lead writers as Mary Kenney has officially joined up with Insomniac Games. Kenney had a hand in more than one of the company's storylines from several of the IP's they worked on before everything went to hell. Primarily for both Batman: The Enemy Within and The Walking Dead. The […]

Insomniac Games Releases Two New Patches for Marvel's Spider-Man

Insomniac Games just sent out a brand new pair of patches for Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, both set to fix and add new material before New Game+ comes. We have the quick list of what's been added below as these are changes the company promised would come to the game before the next awesome features […]

Marvel's Spider-Man Coming Close to a PS4 Completion Record

Wanna know how popular Marvel's Spider-Man is on the PS4 right now? The game is on pace to have a pretty good completion record. According to a report on ResetEra, the game is currently on-par to having one of the best completion rates for a PS4 title. Right now, the platinum trophy for the game is sitting […]

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Marvel's Spider-Man Review: How the Spider Found His Spirit

There have been a lot of Spider-Man games. For nearly as long as video games have been around, game developers have been trying to find a way to put players in the shoes of Peter Parker. Since 1982's Spider-Man for the Atari 2600 to today, a quick trip to Wikipedia will show you that there […]

Fans Have Found New References in Latest Marvel's Spider-Man Trailer

A few different spidey-senses were tingling this week as Sony released a new Open World trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man. IGN got the exclusive video, which you can watch below, but aside from showing you what you can do as you swing from the rooftops, fans caught a couple of references that should fill them with […]

Marvel's Spider-Man Has Invaded the New York City Subway System

Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man has taken over the New York City Subway in Manhattan, covering the Times Square–Grand Central shuttle trains in red, blue, and white. Commuters on the line are pretty used to seeing take-over adverts on the S line trains as the shuttle has been used over the years to advertise everything from car […]

Marvel's Spider-Man Screenshots April 18-5

Marvel's Spider-Man is Ready to Climb onto PlayStation 4 as Game Goes Gold

Insomniac Games has announced that Marvel's Spider-Man is done principal development and has gone gold. While there have been many Spider-Man games in the past, I don't think I remember the hype and expectations of the game reaching quite the levels we are at with Insomniac Games' upcoming effort. There is a good reason for that […]

Insomniac Games Releases SDCC Trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man

It's San Diego Comic-Con time, and it wouldn't be a proper convention without a visit from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to bring some of their big guns to the event and released a brand new trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man specifically for SDCC. There's so much to take in this […]

Marvel's Spider-Man Screenshots April 18-5

Marvel's Spider-Man Shows Off the Original Spidey Costume

It looks like Insomniac Games is going to be making Marvel's Spider-Man out to be a game for Spidey fans of all eras. In a new tweet on the PlayStation feed, the company showed off a new video that looks like a modern-day internet news report, with still-frames from the game. Included in those images is […]