Swablu Community Day: Pokémon GO Event Review

Yesterday was Swablu Community Day in Pokémon GO. This one-time major monthly event has been getting back on track recently after nearly a year off the rails. Does this continue the return to glory for Community Day, or was it another underwhelming installment? Let's get into it.

Swablu in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Swablu in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What worked for this event in Pokémon GO

  • The ticketed research: This time around, the ticketed research was well-worth buying. The Rocket Radar, Incense, and Egg Incubator alone were worth more than the dollar we were asked to spend. If Niantic keeps these up, even the most underwhemling Community Days will be somewhat redeemed by these researches. The same cannot be said, though, of the drastically overpriced Community Day Box.
  • Mega Swablu: Releasing Mega Swablu in raids following Community Day was a great idea. It reminded me of when Niantic debuted Galarian Weezing as a special surprise Raid Hour directly following Chimchar Community Day. This tag on the event is quite fun.
  • Incense: It remains generous that Niantic allows us to stack Incense during Community Day in Pokémon GO. I was still benefitting from that stack twenty hours after the event itself.

What didn't work for this event in Pokémon GO

  • Swablu: Gah, I hate to say it because it's so cute, but Swablu is a common spawn with a Shiny that has been out forever and an already effective moveset. It was a bad choice for Community Day. After two months in a row with Fletchling and Snivy delivering good Community Days and Gible planned to make history in June, this one seems underwhelming to say the least.


Playing Swablu Community Day would've been more of a bummer if we didn't know that Niantic was about to make good on an old hope with Gible Community Day next month. Now, rather than feeling as if Niantic has totally lost the concept of what makes a good Pokémon GO Community Day, it instead feels like we can now expect to have low-key months like this mixed in with the Community Days the playerbase would actually enjoy.

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