Sweet Transit Launches New Forging Forward Update

Sweet Transit has a brand new update you can download today as "Forging Forward" brings improvements and even modding support.

Team17 and developer Ernestas Norvaišas have unveiled a new update for Sweet Transit as the "Forging Forward" content drops today. Officially the second major update for the game, the devs have included some cool options this time around along with requested items from the fans. The biggest of which is full modding support so that anyone in the Steam Workshop who has an awesome idea or design can get it out to the masses for everyone to download into their copy. You can read the full details of what's been included below, and see it in action with the latest trailer.

Team17 Reveals New Train-Driven City Sim Sweet Transit
Credit: Team17

"Home to a world where the railway is king and trains are the sole means of transportation and expansion, Sweet Transit sees players use these mighty iron horses to build new settlements, create intricate production lines, and grow humble villages into thriving metropolises while moving through distinct eras such as the introduction of steam power and the invention of the combustion engine.  In addition to new content, Forging Forward also adds a variety of quality-of-life improvements to the game, including a quick build 'Undo/Redo' action, allowing players to easily fix their mistakes; steel bridges with corners for extra architectural opportunities; and additional mid-game balancing."

  • Systems-led city builder: Starting with a single warehouse, build a thriving, interconnected world of villages and cities as you expand your rail network and evolve your society.
  • Customisable rail network: Construct platforms and stations linked by intricate railway routes to help connect settlements and ensure a painless transit for both workers and civilians.
  • Evolve your industry: From steam to diesel, play through distinct eras of the railway and plan the most economical expansions using the technology at your disposal.
  • Be a person of the people: Keep a close eye on your citizens and ensure their needs are met as you expand your routes and scale up your settlements.
  • Full modding support: Create custom content via Steam Workshop, including structures, locomotives, in-game rules, progression markers, and graphics.

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