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Team17 Partners With Void Interactive To Release Ready Or Not
Team17 has officially pulled out of its agreement with the company and will no longer be publishing the game due to a comment made about school shootings On the game's Reddit page, someone started a thread asking whether or not the game should have a school shooting mission in its main campaign In a now-deleted[...]
Team17 Reveals New Train-Driven City Sim Sweet Transit
Team17 revealed their latest game in the works as they are set to publish a train-driven city simulator called Sweet Transit The game is being developed by ex-Factorio 3D artist and developer Ernestas Norvaišas, as his vision of city management revolves around having trains being able to connect everyone to go anywhere they wish[...]
Crown Trick Is Coming To Xbox & PlayStation This August
SelectaPlay and Team17 revealed that they will be releasing Crown Trick: Collectors Edition in digital and physical form on December 10th The developers at Next Studios have put together the ultimate version of the game with all the updates so far and more, all in a physical form you can get on disc for both PC and[...]
King Of Seas Receives New Monster Update, With Monsters
Team17 and 3DClouds have added a new update into King Of Seas as players can now fight off giant creatures with the Monsters Update As you might suspect, they have added in a ton of new baddies for you to go find out in the water, many of the legends of the sea that are[...]
Auto Draft
Infinigon Games and publisher Team17 revealed that Epic Chef is finally headed to all three major consoles as well as PC this November This is a fun little narrative-driven cooking adventure where you are one of the townsfolk in a place called Ambrosia where you will find everyone is in deep competition with each other[...]
Age Of Darkness: Final Stand Will Come To Early Access In October
Team17 and PlaySide Studios dropped the news this morning that Age Of Darkness: Final Stand will be getting released on Steam's Early Access Those who have been looking to get their hands on the game will get their chance next month as the Early Access version will be published on October 7th Until that day[...]
Hell Let Loose Reveals Open Beta & Official Release Date
Team17 and Black Matter announced today that Hell Let Loose has an official release date and they're starting an open beta We now know that the game is set for release on October 5th for PS5 and Xbox Series X What's more, the open beta will be running from September 16th-20th, however, it will be[...]
The Serpent Rogue Is Headed To Nintendo Switch & PC In 2022
Team17 and developer Sengi Games announced today that The Serpent Rogue will be getting released for both PC and Nintendo Switch next year If you haven't check out this one yet, this is an action-adventure title where you'll be exploring a medieval fantasy world while working with nature and its creatures as you practice the[...]
Blasphemous Will Be Getting A Sequel Sometime In 2023
Team17 and The Game Kitchen announced this week that the game Blasphemous will be getting a sequel sometime in 2023 If you're not familiar with the game, the original was released back in 2019 and did pretty well for itself as a tight action-platformer that had you running around as the Penitent One clearing out[...]
Team17 Will Release The Brutal Action RPG Thymesia In 2021
Team17 and OverBorder Studio revealed this week that Thymesia will finally be launching this year as they have a date set for December 7th The game is designed to be a grueling action RPG in which they have mixed fast-paced combat with an intricate plague weapon system to bring you a game that is a[...]
Honey I Joined A Cult Aims For An Early 2021 Release
Team17 and Sole Survivor Games announced this morning that Honey I Joined A Cult will come to Steam Early Access next month The game was revealed last year and was honestly one of the best trailers we had seen as it takes the format of Prison Architect and allows you to build up your own[...]
Overcooked! Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary With A New Update
Team17 and Ghost Town Games are also allowing people to play the entire game free on Steam between 11am PT on August 9th until the 11th at the same time We got a couple of quotes about the party from both teams below along with a trailer for the celebration. Credit: Team17   "Five years on, still the most[...]
Greak: Memories Of Azur Has A Free Demo On Nintendo Switch
Team17 and Navegante Entertainment have launched a free demo today for their upcoming game Greak: Memories Of Azur on Nintendo Switch if you haven't had a chance to see this game, this is a fun little platformer where you are on the run during an invasion of your world, playing as the title character and[...]
The Survivalists' Expeditions Update Launches On Consoles Today
Team17 has launched a brand new upgrade into The Survivalists on consoles today as players will get the Expeditions Update For those of you wondering, this particular update introduces a host of new content to the procedurally generated islands Now there's much more to do and find as you try to live out your time[...]
Crown Trick Is Coming To Xbox & PlayStation This August
Team17 and NExT Studios revealed today that they will be bringing Crown Trick over to both Xbox One and PS4 consoles in August The game has already been out on PC and Nintendo Switch for a minute now, so it's nice to see that the game will be slowly making its way to the remaining[...]