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Greak: Memories Of Azur Has A Free Demo On Nintendo Switch
Team17 and Navegante Entertainment have launched a free demo today for their upcoming game Greak: Memories Of Azur on Nintendo Switch if you haven't had a chance to see this game, this is a fun little platformer where you are on the run during an invasion of your world, playing as the title character and[...]
The Survivalists' Expeditions Update Launches On Consoles Today
Team17 has launched a brand new upgrade into The Survivalists on consoles today as players will get the Expeditions Update For those of you wondering, this particular update introduces a host of new content to the procedurally generated islands Now there's much more to do and find as you try to live out your time[...]
Crown Trick Is Coming To Xbox & PlayStation This August
Team17 and NExT Studios revealed today that they will be bringing Crown Trick over to both Xbox One and PS4 consoles in August The game has already been out on PC and Nintendo Switch for a minute now, so it's nice to see that the game will be slowly making its way to the remaining[...]
Hammerting Receives An Update With Industrial Mining & More
Team17 and Warpzone Studios launched a new Automation Update this week into the dwarven colony simulator Hammerting The update is officially the 8th update for the game and is simply called "Automation", giving a whole new set of options for people looking to mass-produce in the game Essentially, it makes everything more efficient to build[...]
Team17 Will Bring Hokko Life To Early Access Next Month
Team17 and Wonderscope Games announced that they would be bringing Hokko Life over to Steam's Early Access in June If this feels like familiar territory when it comes to life-centric games, it should, as there are a lot of aspects in here you'll find familiar with different titles wrapped into one This particular version gives[...]
Team17 Has Released A PC Demo For Super Magbot
Team17 and developer Astral Pixel has released a brand new demo of their upcoming game Super Magbot for PC If you haven't been able to check the game out yet, this is a precise 2D platformer where your skills will be put to the test, but it comes with a bit of a twist as[...]
Team17 Partners With Balancing Monkey Games For Before We Leave
Team17 announced this morning they are now working with Balancing Monkey Games to release their game Before We Leave Originally the company was planning to self-publish and had set a release window for May 2021 Now with this new partnership announcement, we learn the game will now be out on May 13th on Steam You[...]
Action RPG King Of Seas Will Launch In Mid-February
Team17 along with developer 3D Clouds has finally revealed the release date for King Of Seas as it will drop in late May 2021 The team has been hard at work perfecting this pirate-themed RPG where you will be putting together your own crew and raiding the seven seas, which also happen to be filled[...]
Team17 Will Release The Brutal Action RPG Thymesia In 2021
Team17 revealed this week that they will be publishing the punishing action role-playing game, Thymesia, sometime in 2021 Developed by OverBorder Studio, this is one of those games where you can tell Dark Souls was a heavy influence as you will be running around taking on some of the toughest enemies in one-on-one combat Your character[...]
Team17 Presents Several Upcoming Titles At Future Games Show
During the Future games Show today, Team17 rolled out info on several games that they currently have released and new titles Normally we'd go one-by-one and highlight all the awesome stuff that's coming out, but they had so much and this show was so jam-packed, we're throwing it all in here with the official rundown[...]
Team17 Partners With Void Interactive To Release Ready Or Not
Team17 announced this morning that they have partnered with Void Interactive to release their debut game, Ready Or Not The game itself is an intense SWAT-like response title where you will be put in the thick of things having to breach and clear objectives to save people and stop whoever is causing the chaos within[...]
Moving Out Receives The New Movers In Paradise DLC
Team17, DevM Games, and SMG Studio gave released a new DLC pack for Moving Out as you get to be Movers In Paradise The game had already received the Moving In update for free which is essentially the game in reverse Now for $7.49, you can go back to moving people out of their homes,[...]
Overcooked! All You Can Eat Is Headed To PS5 & Xbox Series X
Team17 and Ghost Town Games revealed this morning that the game will be headed to basically every current platform after first being exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S What's more, this version of the game will have all of the upgrades and additions the next-gen version has received, including all-new accessibility options and[...]
Team17 Announces Narita Boy Will Be Released Later This Year
Team17 and developer Studio Koba revealed their throwback '80s game Narita Boy will be coming out sometime later this year In a game that will give you some strong Tron vibes, you'll be able to visit a digital world created on a special computer You'll be an echo of your former self, exploring this vast[...]
Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos Launches A Free Nintendo Switch Demo
Some fun news from Team17 as they have loaded a free demo of Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos onto the Nintendo Switch eShop The game is currently set to be released on February 23rd for both the console as well as PC via Steam The demo isn't too long, you're given the basics of the[...]