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Hokko Life Will Be Coming To PC & Consoles This September
Team17 and developer Wonderscope announced this morning that they will be releasing Hokko Life this September on PC and consoles The game has been sitting in Early Access on Steam for a while now as the team has been giving it periodical updates to add more content and improve things But they now have a[...]
Hell Let Loose Receieves New Night & Low-Light Maps
Team17 and developer Black Matter have released a new update for Hell Let Loose, putting in darker maps for you to play on In what they're referring to as "Update 12: Falling Dark", the team have included maps that put you in the middle of the night with only moonlight to guide you, as well[...]
Team17 Will Publish Beat ‘Em Up Co-Op Title Bravery & Greed
Team17 announced this week they will be publishing the Rekka Games developed beat 'em up co-op game Bravery & Greed The game has a throwback feeling with a fantasy setting as you'll dive into this one-to-four-player co-operative beat 'em up dungeon brawler, which will have you diving into rooms to clear them out just to[...]
Sci-Fi Shooter Marauders Will Launch Alpha Test This Week
Team17 and Small Impact Games will be launching a closed beta on PC for their upcoming looter shooter Marauders next week Starting on July 20th and running until July 25th, you'll be able to try out a ton of new content including two new raid locations Those are the Terraformer, a newly abandoned agricultural hub[...]
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Team17 and Moi Rai Games have released a brand new free DLC for Monster Sanctuary as players can immediately play Forgotten World The content adds several items to the game so you can enjoy yourself and get more out of it, including several new monsters, a new area, new skills, three new game modes, and[...]
Golf With Your Friends Adds New Free Chaotic Content
Team17 revealed today that they will be releasing three new DLC packs for Golf With Your Friends that are designed to spice up the game Blacklight Interactive had put together a bunch of new content to bring about some new challenges to the title, which at one point was one of the most dominant party[...]
The Unliving Is Set To Be Released On Halloween
Team17 and RocketBrush Studio announced this morning that they will be releasing their new game The Unliving right on Halloween If you haven't checked it out, this is a brand new dark fantasy action RPG where you essentially play a necromancer who uses what's left of his enemies to form a legion of warriors that[...]
Team17 Takes On Publishing Duties For The Knight Witch
Team17 revealed this week that they will be working with developer Super Mega Team to publish their new game The Knight Witch in 2022 This is an awesome-looking game as you'll be getting a Metroidvania adventure in which you have both the powers of a skilled spellcaster partnered with the devastating blows and combat skills[...]
Sci-Fi Shooter Marauders Will Launch Alpha Test This Week
Team17 and Small Impact Games announced a brand new alpha test for their upcoming sci-fi shooter looter Marauders happening in the first week of May This will be a closed alpha test and it will be running from May 4th-9th on PC The game is currently up for pre-order with the added caveat to that[...]
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Sengi Games, along with publisher Team17, announced today that The Serpent Rogue will still be coming out next month For those not aware, Sengi Games is based in Ukraine, and with the current conflict happening there, some were curious if the game might be pushed back as the country has bigger issues to deal with[...]
Batora: Lost Haven Releases New Free Demo This Week
Team17 and Stormind Games have released a new free demo for Batora: Lost Haven as part of Steam Next Fest this week The game has been in the works for a little bit with the team planning to release it sometime this year, but a firm date hasn't been set for the action RPG Now[...]
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Team17 and Sengi Games revealed this week they will be releasing the upcoming action-adventure game The Serpent Rogue in late April 2022 In case you haven't seen this one yet, this game will have you playing as a character simply known as The Warden as you will head out on a quest to save the[...]
Team17 To Release Dark Fantasy Strategy Title Gord
Team17 announced today that they have signed on to publish the upcoming dark fantasy strategy game Gord, set for sometime in 2022 This game has had our eye for a minute because of the way it's been developed, as it's being handled by, which is a 24-person creative development house in Poland The company[...]
Team17 Partners With Void Interactive To Release Ready Or Not
Team17 has officially pulled out of its agreement with the company and will no longer be publishing the game due to a comment made about school shootings On the game's Reddit page, someone started a thread asking whether or not the game should have a school shooting mission in its main campaign In a now-deleted[...]
Team17 Reveals New Train-Driven City Sim Sweet Transit
Team17 revealed their latest game in the works as they are set to publish a train-driven city simulator called Sweet Transit The game is being developed by ex-Factorio 3D artist and developer Ernestas Norvaišas, as his vision of city management revolves around having trains being able to connect everyone to go anywhere they wish[...]