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Team17 To Release Dark Fantasy Strategy Title Gord
Team17 and confirmed this week that they have an official release date for Gord, as the game will drop in early August The dark fantasy game has been teased for months with its bone-chilling look and feel, as it will finally come out for PC, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on[...]
All Thing Revealed At The Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023
Team17, along with SMG Studio and Devm Games, revealed the official release date for Moving Out 2 after being announced this month The sequel to the awesome moving game took a lot of people by surprise when it appeared in the middle of the Summer Game Fest presentation, which a lot of us assumed meant[...]
Classified: France ’44
Team17 and Absolutely Games revealed their latest game on the way, with the World War II turn-based tactics title Classified: France '44 The game has been inspired by the untold story of the Jedburghs, which if you aren't aware of the tale, were a group of Allied special forces who were dropped behind enemy lines to[...]
Golf With Your Friends Launches Its Toughest Course
Team17 has put together a brand new course called the Corrupted Forest that will put your skills to the test in new ways Presented as DLC, this course features nine holes of increasingly punishing challenges that will force you to take risks with your putting as you dive deeper into the woods As you play,[...]
Team17 To Release Dark Fantasy Strategy Title Gord
Publisher Team17 and developer confirmed this morning that they are indeed planning to release Gord in 2023 for PC and consoles There was a lot of teasing of the game over 2022 with no set plans in place at that time, but now we know the team are looking at the Summer for the[...]
Blasphemous 2
Team17 and developer The Game Kitchen revealed they have officially made the sequel Blasphemous 2, and it will be coming later this year The official announcement came down during Nintendo's recent Indie World showcase, confirming it for the Switch, but it will also be out on Xbox and PlayStation The game was almost a sure[...]
Killer Frequency Releases Brand-New Gameplay Trailer
Developer and publisher Team17 confirmed this week that they will be releasing Killer Frequency for both PC and consoles this coming June We now know the game will be coming to PC via Steam, as well as all three major consoles on June 1st, 2023, as well as a VR release for the game on[...]
Batora: Lost Haven Releases New Free Demo This Week
Team17 and Stormind Games announced this morning that they will be bringing Batora: Lost Haven over to the Nintendo Switch this April The action RPG has been out on every other platform since October, so this is basically completing the circle of availability for Switch owners You'll be able to play the full game with[...]
Team17 Announces They Will Bring Amiga Titles To Evercade
Evercade has revealed they formed a new partnership with Team17 as they will be bringing Amiga titles over to the retro console in a new collection The two companies will work together for a series of cartridge releases, with he first one aptly titled Team17 Collection 1 The first one will contain ten games, many[...]
Killer Frequency Releases Brand-New Gameplay Trailer
Developer and publisher Team17 has released an all-new trailer for Killer Frequency, showing off more of the gameplay to come in this horror title If you haven't checked this one out yet, the game is a black comedy slasher adventure title that will have you playing a late-night talk show host who has to help[...]
Team17 To Release Dark Fantasy Strategy Title Gord
Team17 and developer have come together to release a new behind-the-scenes video series for their upcoming game Gord This new set of videos, starting with the first one we have for you down at the bottom, documents the work the team has been doing on this dark fantasy strategy game, as we're waiting for[...]
Team17 Reveals New Train-Driven City Sim Sweet Transit
Team17 and developer Ernestas Norvaišas have unveiled a new update for Sweet Transit as the "Forging Forward" content drops today Officially the second major update for the game, the devs have included some cool options this time around along with requested items from the fans The biggest of which is full modding support so that[...]
Fishing Adventure Title Dredge Set For 2023 Release
Black Salt Games and Team17 have revealed today that their upcoming sinister fishing game Dredge will be released for PC and consoles in late March In what feels like a Cthulhu-influenced title without the actual creature, you play a lone fisherman trying to turn their life around when they discover creatures not of this world[...]
Fantasy Multiplayer Title King Of The Castle Coming In 2023
Team17 and Tributary Games confirmed that they will be releasing their new medieval multiplayer game King Of The Castle in early March The game was teased back in October for 2023, but because of a few different circumstances, the game's release date was kept under wraps Now we know we'll be seeing it released for[...]
Age Of Darkness: Final Stand Receives New Hero In Latest Update
Team17 and PlaySide Studios launched a new update for Age Of Darkness: Final Stand this month, giving the game a brand new hero The game is still in Early Access, with updates coming out on occasion to add new content and give players new things to do before the full release the latest update this[...]
Hell Let Loose Receives New Burning Snow Update
Team17 has announced a brand new update on the way for the World War II game Hell Let Loose, as players can experience the Burning Snow As you may have guessed from the artwork and the title, you're going to be dealing with a lot of fire in what is essentially the winter update for[...]
Ship Of Fools Officially Launches On PC & Consoles
Team17 and Fika Productions officially released Ship Of Fools this week, as players can join the crew on both PC and all three major consoles If you haven't had a chance to check the game out, this has been designed to be a seafaring cooperative roguelite in which you have to work together to fend[...]
Team17 Will Publish Beat ‘Em Up Co-Op Title Bravery & Greed
Team17 and Rekka Games announced last week that Bravery & Greed will be coming out on PC and consoles in mid-November The team has been teasing the retro-looking four-player, co-operative beat 'em up dungeon brawler for a few months now, which will come at you like an arcade style you don't see in too many[...]
Overcooked Has Added New World Food Festival Levels
Team17 announced today that Overcooked has been given some brand new free content in the form of some special levels Along with a couple of new chefs to choose from, this will be bringing a whole new element of urgency to the kitchen as you'll be cooking multiple meals at once from the same spot[...]
Fantasy Multiplayer Title King Of The Castle Coming In 2023
Team17 and developer Tributary Games revealed the fantasy multiplayer game King Of The Castle will be released sometime in 2023 The game will have you attempting to make sure your kingdom stays intact while a lot of scheming is happening between you and other members of the kingdom Will you be able to stay in[...]
The Knight Witch Set To Launch On November 25th
Team17 and developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team will launch The Knight Witch on November 29th This is a fun little Metroidvania bullet hell title in which you're playing an armor-clad spellcaster who utilizes special cards to cast intricate spells while clearing out areas filled with tons of evil forces You can check out[...]
Team17 To Release Dark Fantasy Strategy Title Gord
Team17 and developer released a brand new video for Gord as they showed off more of the gameplay to come This video gives you a good 16 minutes worth of footage led by game director Stan Just, as you are thrown into this world of strategy and city building, all within a horrifying backdrop[...]
Honey I Joined A Cult Aims For An Early 2021 Release
Team17 and Sole Survivor Games have confirmed that Honey, I Joined A Cult is set to be launched in early November The game has been in Early Access for a while on Steam, giving you a chance to start your own cult and bring followers to your beck and call Now you'll be able to[...]
Golf With Your Friends Receives New Sports Update
Team17 has released a new update for Golf With Your Friends as the game has been given some new sports challenges Ever since the game was first launched, there has been the option to have a different kind of ball shape as well as various physics that you can add to the game to make[...]
Fishing Adventure Title Dredge Set For 2023 Release
Team17 and New Zealand-based developer Black Salt Games revealed their fishing adventure game Dredge during Gamescom 2022 This is a tale about living life out at sea and making a living off of what you bring in, or in some cases, what you don't As well as how you deal with some of the encounters[...]
Sunday Gold Launches Prologue & Confirms Release Date
Team17 and BKOM Studios have launched a new prologue for their upcoming game Sunday Gold, while confirming when the game will be out The team has been hard at work on this classic point-and-point dystopian adventure, which they've meshed with turn-based combat and escape room-like puzzles, so we haven't heard a ton from them as[...]
Hokko Life Will Be Coming To PC & Consoles This September
Team17 and developer Wonderscope announced this morning that they will be releasing Hokko Life this September on PC and consoles The game has been sitting in Early Access on Steam for a while now as the team has been giving it periodical updates to add more content and improve things But they now have a[...]
Hell Let Loose Receieves New Night & Low-Light Maps
Team17 and developer Black Matter have released a new update for Hell Let Loose, putting in darker maps for you to play on In what they're referring to as "Update 12: Falling Dark", the team have included maps that put you in the middle of the night with only moonlight to guide you, as well[...]
Team17 Will Publish Beat ‘Em Up Co-Op Title Bravery & Greed
Team17 announced this week they will be publishing the Rekka Games developed beat 'em up co-op game Bravery & Greed The game has a throwback feeling with a fantasy setting as you'll dive into this one-to-four-player co-operative beat 'em up dungeon brawler, which will have you diving into rooms to clear them out just to[...]
Sci-Fi Shooter Marauders Will Launch Alpha Test This Week
Team17 and Small Impact Games will be launching a closed beta on PC for their upcoming looter shooter Marauders next week Starting on July 20th and running until July 25th, you'll be able to try out a ton of new content including two new raid locations Those are the Terraformer, a newly abandoned agricultural hub[...]