Swords Of Legends Online Announces Summer Raid & First Event

Gameforge dropped a new slew of bosses into Swords Of Legends Online today while also revealing more about their summer plans. We have a rundown of all the new boss raids they added to the game below for you to read about. What's more, they have a new summer event running tuntil September 2nd where you can pick upa ton of experience if you're just starting all the way to Level 18. They've also introduced a new Battle Pass system for those who wish to get more out of their experience. Finally, therte will be a Buried treasure event coming from August 5th-19th that will have you channeling your inner pirate. Enjoy the bosses as they are loading the game up with things to do!

Vixen Yuzao in Swords Of Legends Online, courtesy of Gameforge.
Vixen Yuzao in Swords Of Legends Online, courtesy of Gameforge.

Shi Dao and Vixen Yuzao: Vixen Yuzao trained for countless years using the cold of the Taiyi Ice Crystals. When she eventually assumed human form, her skin was as white as snow. Shi Dao originally set out with the intention of capturing Yuzao, for her having thrown the Zhongnan Mountains into chaos. But he lost the battle and was instead himself captured by Yuzao. Over time, he learned that the Vixen wasn't as evil as he once thought, and gradually fell in love with her. Watch out for Shi Dao's deadly sword attacks that not only cause damage over time but also throw players into the air for a short period. His talismans are also used to slow players down or engulf them in devastating explosions! Vixen Yuzao makes fearsome use of her Soul Fire to burn players and cause explosions. Her tail attacks can also knock players unconscious. Left unchecked, she also releases Rosemary with a healing effect on her surroundings, which can have an empowering effect on her beloved Shi Dao, granting him additional strength.

Undead Daoist: A member of the Silver Scorpion Envoy's escort, the Undead Daoist followed him into the Han Ice Cave to mine Taiyi Ice Crystals. Having learned to combine fire magic with the spells of the Devastators, his skills have improved enormously. Supported by the Slave of Fire and Slave of Darkness, the Undead Daoist unleashes deadly dark qi spells that damage and knock back players. Damaged players may be subjected to additional attacks from his minions. The Slave of Darkness targets players affected by the Undead Daoist's Charred Bones ability, adding additional damage and status effects. The Slave of Fire targets players with the Hot Touch debuff, which increases damage received by the Undead Daoist's fire magic.

Awakener Silver Scorpion Envoy: The Envoy came to the Han Ice Cave to mine Taiyi Ice Crystals for forging swords. He worships the God of the Devastators and commands a variety of dark qi spells. Utilizing dark qi, this boss can stack a powerful Confusion debuff that after reaching 10 will cause players to take damage over time in worship of the God of the Devastators. Aided by his followers, the Silver Scorpion Envoy can summon them to attack players while he unleashes powerful spell and arrow attacks and teleports around the area.

Undead Daoist in Swords Of Legends Online, courtesy of Gameforge.
Undead Daoist in Swords Of Legends Online, courtesy of Gameforge.

Fei Chi: Changli's main guard, Fei Chi was born with incredible strength and is a competent fighter. He was once held in high esteem by Meijia, but not being the sharpest tool in the shed, he was very often unable to understand her orders. For this reason, Meijia sent him to the Xuanjiu Jade Palace to help Changli mine Taiyi Ice Crystals. In addition to several powerful AoE attacks, Fei Chi also punishes players with his Heavy Hammer attacks, which if landed, can stun them after three stacks or enrage the boss if he misses, placing the party at high risk of wiping. After becoming enraged three times, Fei Chi unleashes his rage, causing massive damage. His Thunderbolt can throw stunned players into the air, causing them to take additional damage upon landing, but the damage can be shared by group members. Fei Chi can also raise his weapon to summon Angry Water. This attack throws all targets into the air with a powerful blast of water. When they fall to the ground, they deal AoE damage in their proximity.

Changli: The Demon Master loves the finer pleasures of life and is a close confidante of Meijia. He shows the greatest respect for her, always willing to fight in her name. Now he is a general in her demon army, where he promises to be a formidable opponent to anyone foolish enough to stand in their way. Equipped with powerful weapons, Changli's melee and ranged attacks pack serious burst damage and can inflict damage over time with the Dirty Blade debuff. He can target players from a distance, or knock them unconscious as he drags them towards him with his deadly axes. If Changli is feeling overwhelmed, he quickly summons his Guards to defend him.

Dahan: After being defeated by the immortal, Dahan was determined to become more powerful. Recklessly, he drank from the bloodwine brewed by Changli, a beverage distilled from human blood and the essence of fox spirits. Corrupted by its effects, Dahan is now more brutal and bloodthirsty than ever. The final encounter of this raid culminates in players challenging Dahan in his corrupted form, while enduring a barrage of demonic attacks. In his Raptured Demon state, Dahan will unleash flurries of demonic energy along with Water of Demon Power, which inflicts damage over time and can kill players if exposed to it for too long.

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