Team Liquid Have Released A New Naruto Shippuden Apparel Line

Team Liquid revealed this week that they're releasing a new clothing line with a sponsored tie-in with Naruto Shippuden. The esports giant dropped the new line yesterday as a US-exclusive launch collection with several items available to buy through their store. It's a pretty cool merch line that isn't overly branded with either the team or the anime's logos and themes, although much of it does retain the TL color blue. You can check out images of the line below along with a quote from the team.

A look at some of the Naruto Shippuden gear you can get, courtesy of Team Liquid.
A look at some of the Naruto Shippuden gear you can get, courtesy of Team Liquid.

"Team Liquid's goal is to continue excelling in the world of apparel and innovative co-branded programmes. We know gaming constantly crosses paths with other industries and cultures—especially anime. Like our fans, we love anime, and Naruto is one of the most successful anime franchises of all time. We couldn't be more excited to announce this strategic partnership to our fans," said Mike Milanov, Chief Business Development Officer at Team Liquid.

The upcoming lifestyle apparel collection will showcase members of the Hidden Leaf village alongside Team Liquid iconography. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and more will be prominently featured across over a dozen select pieces, including a denim jacket, Jonin-inspired parka, cargo joggers, stylized hoodies and several short sleeve tees. Prices range from $35 for the tees to $100 for the parka. To celebrate the launch, Team Liquid worked with actor/director Dominique "King Vader" Barrett to model the pieces and create one of his popular live-action anime shorts. King Vader rose to international prominence in 2018 when his video "Hood Naruto pt. 3" blew up on social media, with over 25.5 million views on YouTube to date.

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